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Tears fell across her pale cheeks, and water droplets were dripping on her body. She split her legs apart and bent down in humiliation. The part between her legs was facing Na Lan Di, and the hands lying flat on the side of her body were closed tightly. 


He started to caress her body with both hands, groped onto her breasts, and rubbed the nipples with his thumb. He was like a decisive shopper picking a product off the shelf. Moving his palm downwards, he slid over her lower abdomen, and into the neat and thick pubic hair. He flicked her pubic hair upwards and checked the thing hidden below. Suddenly her thighs were pulled up by Ludi, and her buttocks were pulled away from the bed at a forty-five-degree angle, and the area in between  ​​her thighs was more clearly exposed in front of the man’s eyes.


His black pupils stared at it without a trace of emotion. After a long while, his slender fingers explored opened the closed seam and fiddled with the dry, reddened, and swollen labia. His index finger and thumb pinched hard onto the well-grown clitoris. He used his remaining three fingers to tease and play around with the entrance of her juicy vagina. 


“Ah” Lan Jingyi’s moan was full of tremors, and her snow-white buttocks twisted. The lower abdomen slipped through a hot splash of liquid, “Ah” her lower abdomen contracted, and the vagina opened and closed violently, spilling out a shit lot of water.


Na Lan Di’s fingers did not stop after hearing her uncomfort, instead, they pressed and rubbed even harder onto the sensitive vagina of the woman. The mouth of the vagina opened and closed, but nothing came out. Finally, a hot liquid spurted onto his fingers.


“Ah, stop.” An ineffable electric current ran through Lan Jingyi’s lower body. She could no longer bear the torture and feeling of emptiness. She twisted her buttocks and moaned unconsciously.


The big middle finger slammed into the vagina, which was convulsing, and the watery vagina devoured his finger and even made a “poof” sound. The secretive vagina weirdly smoothened and seemed to be waiting ready for the man’s fierceness.


The fingers rotated in a circle and then pulled out abruptly. “Ahh~” Lan Jingyi groaned softly, her body had been put down, her snow-white naked body shrank into a ball, yet still convulsing.


The man’s index finger was wrapped in a layer of transparent and sticky substance. He sniffed it under the tip of his nose and leaned down, the wet substance on the tip of his finger dripped down onto the girl’s chest. He pulled the woman up and pressed her on his lap, pinched her chin with one hand. A wet middle finger appeared under her eyes and the boy said with a coarse voice, “Baby, tell me what this is?”


Lan Jing Yi shook her head aggressively, and her wet hair stuck onto her cheeks. The boy’s hands gripped tightly and his black pupils sharpened, “Good girl, tell me.” Lan Jing Yi’s body trembled and responded intimidatingly, “I don’t know, I really don’t. Please don’t force me.” 


A wet finger sealed her ruddy lips. “Water, this is water. This means that our baby needs a man. When a woman needs a man, her body will leak this kind of substance. The more she leaks, the more she wants a man to fulfill her. My baby leaked so much, does she want it really bad right now? Hmm?” The boy’s naked body tightly stuck onto the girl’s naked body, grabbed onto her big breasts, and lovingly whispered into her ears. 


The big hand that stopped on her breasts was full of hints. Lan Jingyi felt a hot itch from her two breasts, “No,” she fought weakly with her trembling lips.


His large hand stopped, “You’re so not faithful to your body. It seems that our baby should really receive a lesson.” He grabbed her and took her to the mirror. Nalan, who had just bathed in the pool, walked towards them.”Di, do you want to teach my cute little teacher a lesson?”


“Yes, although our baby is a teacher, all she knows are books; she doesn’t know anything about the female’s body at all. How can that work out?” Nalandi gestured. Nalan Lu sat down with Lan Jingyi laying on him. He lifted her legs with both hands,  Lan Jingyi’s buttocks were gently lifted off the ground, and the woman’s private parts were completely reflected upon the mirror.


Nalandi held onto her small face and made it look towards the mirror. “Look carefully.” Lan Jingyi blushed intimidatingly. How she wishes to find a place to hide under. She twisted her body and cried, “Nalan Lu, let go, let me go!”


“The teacher is not obedient again” Nalan pinched her thigh with his hand, but his voice was smooth and had a sense of laziness.


 “Ah~~” Lan Jingyi yelled in pain, but she couldn’t move her body. Nalandi patted her cheek, “Remember, since you’re in our hands, you better be obedient, otherwise…” He shot a look at Lan Jingyi and straightened her face with his hands. Lan Jingyi bit her lips. She didn’t dare to move anymore, and only then did the fingers on her thighs let go of her. 


After experiencing this trauma of lust, the lower part of the labia has not yet closed and is in a half-bloom state, the wet vagina is clearly visible and appears to be a little swollen, but this only becomes more attractive to the man’s eyeballs.


The man’s long fingers evilly pinched her labia and pulled them to the sides, so that the pink vagina was completely exposed. His fingers pinched the labia and the skin of the vagina continued to congestion and swell under his teasing. “Did you see it? This is the labia that protects the vagina inside like the petal of a flower” His fingers pressed against the protruding pink clitoris, Lan Jingyi arched her body reactively, and the corners of his lips curved slightly. “This is the clitoris, the sensitive anatomy of a woman. When it is filled with lust,  it will become bigger and harder just like a man’s – dick.” His finger came to the mouth of the vagina, and his fingertips slid in and immediately got sucked into the pink Xue.  “Look, how slutty our baby is, it must be eager for me to go in.


This is the vagina, the most important part of a woman’s body. A woman uses it to attract a man and it could make a man fall into ecstasy. Look at how small it is as if a finger can fill it up. But you’re wrong, it has a mysterious power. A man’s enormous dick can smash inside and fill this thing full and not leave a bit of space and continuously jerk in it until it ejaculates. The top of his finger was devoured by the small hole and the small hole slowly shrunken.


“Little slut.” He stood up and took the half-lit-up cigarette on the phoebe wood bed. Under the unbelievable sight of Lan Jing Yi, he gently pushed the face of the cigarette to the vagina. “No,” Lan Jing Yi closed her eyes shamefully. Her body started to uncontrollably writhe. Na Lan Lu held onto even tighter and whispered into her ears, “Teacher, look! The cigarette is eaten up by your pussy!” Na Lan Di pinched onto her face and forced open her eyes, making her look at her wide open legs and trembling outer labia. The small vagina got forced open by the big cigarette and the head of the cigarette was still letting out a bit of smoke.


She could feel an overpowered stimulation come from her lower body. Her vagina shrunken and spasmed continually, slowly devouring the head of the cigarette. Her lower body wiggled about because of the feeling of being filled up. The more she wiggled, the faster the cigarette went in. A wave of substance flushed out and wetted the whole cigarette. 


She saw the cigarette about to be completely devoured up and the head of the cigarette about to touch the vagina. If this continues, her sensitive, pink vagina will be burnt. Lan Jing Yi looked wife wide-eyed and twitched to its greatest extent. But the more she writhed, the more the vagina would devour the cigarette. 


A substance came out again, extinguishing the cigarette head. The cigarette seems to be poured with white oil. The liquid continuously dripped down. Just when Lan Jing Yi was in despair, Na Lan Di reached out his hand and slowly took out the cigarette. 


“Ah.” Lan Jing Yi’s legs naturally want to close back in. “You slut, even though you’re so wet, you’re still so tight. It’s still so hard to take it out. Is it possible that our baby wants to eat it up? I can’t bear to turn the pink vagina into a black one.” Na Lan Di and Na Lan Du chuckled simultaneously. 


“You’re so dirty, teacher. You’re so desperate. Are you thirsty?” Na Lan teased her. Lan Jing Yi’s whole face reddened. She looked up and coincidentally, saw La Na Di light up the cigarette and put the cigarette that was filled with her body’s fluids in between his mouth, lightly smoking it. His black pupils turned towards her and saw her shocked and wincing. “Yummy.” He blew the smoke onto her face. 


“Ahem,” Lan Jing Yi coughed. Her face was bright red. 


“Di,” Na Lan Lu gestured with his fingers. Na Lan Di chuckled and took a cigarette out of the silver cigarette box. “You greedy boy, don’t steal mine, take it yourself. 


Na Lan Lu caught it and bounced it between his fingers. He put the cigarette near his nose and gently smoked it. His posture was crazily sexy. Afterward, his eyes sparkled like a star, giving Lan Jing Yi a bad hunch. A foot was raised behind her before she could yell out “no!” His eyes met the reflected woman’s feminine part in the mirror. He put the whole cigarette inside Lan Jing Yi’s unclosed vagina opening. Lan Jing Yi crunched up and her legs were pressed inwards.


He held her down with all his might. His thigh pressed down her other leg, causing her private part to be exposed. His finger grabbed on the cigarette and moved it back and forth. In the beginning, his movement was painfully slow. He moved it all the way in and all the way out. The whole cigarette was washed up by the woman’s substance. He then used the head of the cigarette to open up her vagina. He sees the pink vagina being opened up by a cylinder-shaped invader and being ravaged and then quickly adapting to fully wrap around the hard object. After that, he slowly pushed it in, until it was fully submerged. He starts to quickly jab it. The black cigarette speedily entered and exited the vagina.  


Once again, he ferociously jerked. He released his hand and looked at Lan Jing Yi’s fatigued body. Her vagina slowly shrunken and the opening gave sight of the dark cigarette head. It was slowly engulfed until the whole thing disappeared. The whole cigarette was eaten by Lan Jing Yi’s vagina. 


“Ah~” Quickly take it out! Ah~~” A substance squirted out from the overly stretched vagina, wetting both sides of the outer labia. The two boys looked at her wide-eyed.  They saw how the hole couldn’t close up because of the massive size of the cigarette. It was wide open and the surrounding four sides were slightly trembling. A substance flowed out from the opening of the hole and both of the men’s dicks were hard as stone. Their youthful muscles tightened and their eyes darkened, causing a monstrous ocean of concupiscence. 


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Chapter 9