Escape From The Triplets Chapter 8

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After a while, he stood up and pushed open the door to the bathroom.

In the middle of the room was a hot spring. In the hot spring was a naked couple. The man had a head of blonde hair. It was now dripping on his cheeks and his back, just like strips of golden algae. It looked crazily sexy. A skinny girl laid on his firm and steady back. The girl’s eyes were closed and looked weary. A blush of pink was on her cheeks, similar to the color of blossoms.

The tips of the girl’s boobs popped up from the surface of the water. The pinkish titties were erected in midair, just like two cherries. Just with a look, you can see that her body has been sexually abused. The other part of her boobs were disappearing and reappearing from the surface of the water, moving along with the movement of the boy.

The girl’s skin is like a freshly peeled mussel, white and youthful. During this time, her body fell on the boy like an invertebrate. She felt as if all of her strength had been sucked out of her. The boy’s fingers slid along her body and didn’t leave out any part.

When the boy touched the girl’s private area, the girl’s body lightly trembled.

The boy’s rosy lips bit her pale ears, naughtily slide inside her ears, locked her sensitive collarbone, and closed in his mouth on her erect clitoris occasionally. His hand was also at work and pressed her calf onto her thigh. His hand touched her vaginal opening and her two legs squeezed onto his hand, making it stay still.

“Little slut, you’re so tight, no wonder men are in ecstasy when they’re on you. If my schlong was inside, it’ll be squeezed to death by you.” It was unbelievable for a person with an angelic face and pure voice to say such a thing. Yet, when he said it, he wouldn’t give you the sense of a perve, but a sickening dark vibe. The thing that was touching the woman’s buttocks pounced hardly twice and pierced inside it.

“Ah~~” the woman moaned, opened her eyes, and said, “Na Lan Lu, I beg of you, please let me go.” Her low voice cracked, similar to someone crying. Na Lan Lu lightly sucked on her lips and said, “Hush, as long as you’re obedient, we’ll be nice to you.” He then squeezed onto one of her legs, opened her labia, and slid his nail along the skin of her vagina. “Does it hurt?” A gentle kiss fell upon Lan Jing Yi’s neck. “Do not move, my finger fits you perfectly, and it won’t make you feel uncomfortable. It will feel very good. Yes, my dick is too big and your vagina is too small. But, you will get used to it soon. Don’t move, let me wash the inside of your vagina. Ah~ Your place is so youthful, even my finger is grasped on so tightly. You are such a slut.” The boy whispered a loving phrase next to the girl’s ear. This caused the girl’s snow-white body to slither like a snake.

“Stop your hand, Na Alan Lu! Ahh~~” The girl pushed up her body with her legs and her whole body came out of the surface of the water. Her boobs started smashing against each other, just like two snowy mountaintops. The boy’s hand moved up and pinched her pink titties. His two legs squeezed onto hers even harder and felt her warmth with his finger. It went inside. His four fingers spread further apart to move his middle finger deeper inside.

“Don’t move, else I’ll fuck you in the water.” LAN Jing Yi’s body suddenly tightened and only left her boobs jiggling. Behind her thighs, the man’s massive dick poked her uncomfortably and entered deeply into her ass. She didn’t dare to move and her breaths started to expedite and mix with the breaths of the boy’s.

Na Lan Di was bathing in a hot spring not far from them. The surface of the pool was at his waist, his elbows at the deck of the hot springs, and his body against the wall. His eyebrows were gently closed and his full-face was like a perfect sculpture. His appearance was so graceful and didn’t take a peek at the pair who were having sexual intercourse, only the pair’s breaths of love and mystery passed into his ears. His naked body was so eye-appealing. Underwater, a thick sheet of hair spread to his abdominals, and a thing red and black popped out of the surface. It was so massive that it could make one stagger. It’s red and black like a cyclops gigantic eye. It was full of poison from lust. It also curves up like the shape of a snake.

Bam! The lion head, diamond embroidered lighter lit up. A small flame of fire popped up and moved toward the cigarette his red lips were biting on. His eyelids closed halfway and he gracefully breathed in the cigarette. He then exhaled out and let out a light green puff of smoke. The odor of smoke filled the atmosphere of the whole bathroom. He stood up, took a towel, and wrapped it around his waist. He lied down on the phoebe wood bed.

“Lu, take her here and let me check if our baby is clean or not.”

“Bro, don’t you trust me.” Na Lan Di skillfully picked Lan Ling Yi up from the water and effortlessly hopped out. He then tossed Lan Jing Yi to Na Lan Di. Na Lan Di skillfully caught her feather-like body, while still blowing out the cigarette. His sharp eyes looked around her wet and perky pelvic.
Lan Jing Yi’s face lost its original color. She started coughing from inhaling the smoke. His long finger picked up the cigarettes with his two fingers and continued to pinch her chin. The mouth of the wet cigarette touched her chin and was only so far from her face. The heavy smoke spread to her nose. She started coughing non-stop.

“What will happen if I didn’t catch you when Lu tossed you?”
Lan Jing Yi suddenly stopped coughing. He looked at his face that was more handsome and evil than a devil’s with wide eyes.
He could feel the body that his arm was hugging on trembling. The edge of his lips curved and spoke the words, “Remember to be obedient. It’s alright if you don’t know how to please us, but at least pretend to be obedient. Because only obedient pets will earn the favor of their master and not become antipathy. Only then, will it live longer.” The cigarette he was holding moved pass her sensitive cheek. It felt rough, warm, and light, all at the same time.

“Ah~” Moans came from Lan Jing Yi’s mouth. A helpless tear dropped onto his palm. She drew back further into his embrace, just like how an innocent rabbit got hunted by a hunter and is waiting for its fate to be killed.

A spark of interest shone in the boy’s eyes. His smile curved bigger and more mischievously. He has been addicted to this body ever since his first sight at her. Mostly because the stronger a person is, the more interest he has in conquering something weak. Also, fun is gained from this act.

He put her on the phoebe wood tree and without any emotion, he said,” Lie down, curve your knee and let me check if any place is not cleaned enough.”



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Chapter 8