Escape From The Triplets Chapter 7

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The car parked in front of the door. Na Lan Di jumped off the car, a booming sound sounded. He carried Na Lan Lu, who couldn’t walk without limping, into the bungalow.

He left the words, “Drive the car into the garage.”

Lan Jing Yi’s body was as light as a feather, her face was pale, and her eyes were shut tight. Her thick eyebrows trembled lightly, her swollen lips were slightly opened and she lightly breathed. Her skinny body that was resting upon his forearm trembled. His finger sketched upon her lips that have been swollen from all that smooching. She screamed, opened her eyes which met with his eyes, and desperately shut them tight. He suddenly felt pissed and his rough finger started rubbing against her lips.

“The young master is back,” Madame Chen stood in the hall. Lan Jing Yi hid her whole face on the man’s chest, but her face was as hot as a tomato. Madame Chen looked down in respect, not looking once at them.

Na Lan Di walked in big steps to the second floor.

Na Lan Di opened the door and released her. When her foot touched the ground, she heard a ripping sound. Her skirt was ripped apart and the fabric danced in midair.
She was shocked. Her first instinct was to close in her legs and hide her private part. The clothes on her upper body were intact, but her lower body was fully naked. Her snow-white legs lightly trembled, unable to keep still. After keeping still for half a day, she slowly looked up and was startled by the man’s eyes of lust. She turned away, not giving a care about her naked lower body, and ran towards the exit.

Her head bonked on Na Lan Di’s chest. She looked up and saw his face, almost causing her to have a mental breakdown. How did he magically appear in front of her? He blocked her path just like how she became one of the predator’s prey. Revolting will only quicken her death.

Na Lan Di looked at her coldly and chuckled. His left arm surrounded her waist and lifted one of her legs with his right arm, almost a full 180 angle. Lan Jing Yi could feel her leg torn and broken by him. Droplets of sweat rolled down her face and she grimaced.

“This will be the result if you continue to be disobedient.” He bit her ear and his voice was as gentle as ever, however, his large dick entered her vagina.

Her vagina was left with her cum, causing his entrance to be very smooth. But, his large dick was almost too big for her vagina; her vagina was extended to its maximum. Her vagina twitched to match the invader.

“No, get out.” Lan Jing Yi pushed his muscular waist, but he caught her hand, taking it behind her back. His right arm grabbed onto her leg, and his dick started to jerk inside her hole again.

Her vagina was too small, and could not fit the hot thing. His massive dick vigorously yanked, and the vagina gripped on tightly, increasing the lechery of the man. His massive dick jerked inside of her vagina, every yank hits her cervix, causing great deals of liquid to flow out from her vaginal opening.

“Ah~ ah~ ahhh~” she screamed with pain. Her voice sounded louder as the fluidal substances multiplied.

A handsome, blonde-haired man opened the door and saw this scene. His lips curved into a smile and walked toward the woman that was being possessed by a man. His long and magical fingers slid upon the woman’s back, causing the woman to lift her chest up. His hand slid to the woman’s chest and passed her breasts. He unbuttoned her placket and skirt; the woman’s clothes slid down from the woman’s shoulders. The man’s lips pressed onto the woman’s bra, stuck out his tongue, and took a bite. The woman’s last piece of clothing fell onto the floor.

He tightly pressed onto the woman’s back and his aroused dick that was blocked by a piece of clothing touched the woman’s buttocks. The woman’s butt was jerked by the man in front. He jounced and she backed away. He held her to prevent her from backing away, jerked, and her whole body fell forward. The man’s dick entered deeper inside her vagina, making her feel his concupiscence.

The man’s hand moved along her spine and grabbed onto her bouncing boobs. Two breasts were smooth and swollen, becoming pink from being aroused. The two cherry tips were aroused, becoming very attractive.

His hand rubbed on her breasts, fiddling with her pink titties. A weird sensation spread on the girl’s back.

He took his dick out from under the trousers. He stuck upon the female’s body and rubbed his dick into the female’s buttocks. Both of his hands squeezed playfully on the female’s fat breasts. His dick slowly moved in, making her feel like that the man in front of her is piercing deeper into her.

He put an iron clapper in between her butt. He grabbed her nipple and kissed it affectionately. He bit the tip of her nipple and her lower body tipped forward.

“Ahh~~” The double penetration made Lan Jing Yi shout. The dick of the man in front poked her seamlessly and cummed inside of her.

Na Lan Di pulled his dick out from her vagina. A substance followed it out, mixing with the bloody red. It flowed along her leg.

Lan Jing Yi lazily laid on Na Lan’s body. Her legs were apart and trembling lightly. Her lower body was covered with the sticky substance, even her pubic hair.

“Di, you’re too forceful, she’s already bleeding.” Na Lan hugged her slimy body. He looked at her ravaged body and the dick in the middle of his body aroused again.

“She looks so pure, but she’s sexually promiscuous. It’s a bummer to not be able to fuck those sluts to death.” He lowered his voice and whispered the last three words to her ears.
Lan Jing Yi’s body shooked and her face reddened like a hot tomato. She widened her eyes and looked at the evil eyes in front of her. “Na Lan Di, you are despicable… You…”

His long finger sticked onto her face and her face was forced to one side. “Despicable, huh?” he laughed. “Who was the one promiscuously moaning?”


“Teacher, don’t be agitated. You’ve already done it, what’s there to be afraid of?”

“Please stop talking about it~” Lan Jing’s body was lifted in midair.

“The teacher is tired from all that movement. I’ll take her for a bath, else she’ll never be able to satisfy both of us.” Na Lan Lu said to Na Lan Di. He then walked to the bathtub with her in his hands.

“You demon put me down!” Bam! Lan Jing Yi’s voice was trapped in the bathroom.

Na Lan Di sat on the couch and gracefully smoked a cigarette. His face was hidden by smoke in a matter of time. He looked more like a god than a human.

He was still wearing the designed suit, but it didn’t look weird. Instead, it made him tall and elegant. But the elegant man wasn’t wearing anything below his waist. His feet were curled across each other and a dark and red thing bobbed in the middle, coming out from his suit. The red and black thing was lightly bobbing up and down. The man sucked in the cigarette and stared at the bathroom door.

Though he had a naked body, it did not affect his sense of nobility and handsomeness. Oppositely, his whole body gave off a seductive vibe. A girl would fall for his beauty and strength just with a look of her eyes.

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Chapter 7