Escape From The Triplets Chapter 6

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The luxurious, black car drove through the highway soundlessly.

“Teacher, are we demons?” Na Lan showed an angelic smile toward Lan Jing Yi.

Lan Jing Yi shook her head, but her eyes were full of fear.

“Are we not? But your eyes clearly tell us that we are, else why are you escaping from me?” His lips curled and turned into a frown.

Lan Jing Yi bit her lips and hugged her shoulder tightly.

“Are you cold? Come over here and let me warm you up.” Na Lan waved at her.

Lan Jing Yi glanced at him hesitantly, “No, I’m not cold.” She backed up toward the car door.

His sexy lips pressed upon each other and his eyes shined. “Come over here,” he said gently.

Lan Jing Yi shook her head, “I’m really not cold.”

His lips curled up and a bright smile appeared on his handsome face. “Come over here,” his voice sounded seductive and carried poison; it was gentle and cold at the same time, causing one to must obey him.

His smile made Lan Jing Yi tremble. She slowly scooted closer and an arm that could no longer wait for her hesitation surrounded her. Just like a tornado, she got pulled into the boy’s broad arms.

“Ah!” she exclaimed. Her forehead hit the boy’s chest. The boy had a sense of glee in his voice. His long, clean finger brushed over her hair and rested upon her cheek.

“Your cheeks are a little cold.” He looked at her through the crevice of his lashes. A long arm held her skinny waist, making her still. “What to do? How wouldn’t the teacher, you, not know what to do? One might feel cold when she’s alone, but when a couple is together, the female still feels cold. In that case, you could only blame the male, but teacher, don’t blame me.” While speaking, he pinched her chin and kissed it. He lightly bit her pink lips and slipped his tongue inside her mouth when she was groaning in pain.

“Ah” Lan Jing Yi couldn’t breathe with his high technique kissing skills. His hand went past under her clothing and started playing with her boobs. He played one, then the other. He used his index and thumb to squeeze her nipple and have them enlarged and swollen under his fingers. They were so enlarged and seemed to burst.

“Ah” Lan Jing Yi’s hand grabbed his disobedient hand from above the clothing. “No, Na Lan, I beg of you.”

“There’s no need to beg me, I will satisfy you.” He deliberately misinterpreted her words and laughed mischievously at her. The arm that surrounded her waist reached forward and held together her two hands and moved them behind her. “Good girl,” he breathed into her ear.

His firm body pressed her against the chair and rubbed her gorgeous boobs. A hand went in from under her skirt and searched for its way to the vagina; the whole finger poked inside.

“Ah~~” Lan Jing Yi twisted her body. He leaned forward and bit her lips, stopping her from groaning. However, his finger started to jerk inside her lower body; it was fast and hard. Her lower body soon squirted a substance. The finger inside her body was smooth and invincible, waves of hot liquid moved along the finger.

His two hands lifted her skirt to her waist and took off his trousers, exposing his enormous schlong. He lifted her snow-white leg and pierced his dick inside her watery vagina.

“Ah~~oww~~” Lan Jing Yi arched and her face winced. She twitched and rebelled against his entrance, but it only made his dick go deeper. She could feel her vagina filled densely and about to explode.

His enormous dick fully went in her vagina and the small hole was at its extent. The pinkish vagina tightly grabbed onto his enormously dark dick. The small hole could hardly accommodate his enormousness.

The warmth of the wall tightly toleranced him. He could feel a slight pain from being sucked. Desire slowly attacked him. He pushed her leg further, grabbed her snow-white buttcheek, and started to jerk vigorously.

“Ah~ah~ah~” waves of sounds came from Lan Jing Yi’s smallmouth. The pain carried a sense of enjoyment. Her lower body was violently possessed and charged against. Repeatedly, it was filled up and then emptied. Her slim body was moving along with the man’s striking. Every time the man entirely pierced inside, she would instinctively scream, but to the man’s ear, they were provocative moans, causing him to jerk even harder.

The sound of bumping was very clear in the enclosed environment. Because of the continuous striking of the man, waves of liquid leaked out of the female’s vagina; the woman’s vagina was very wet.

The mirror on the car showed a slim girl laying on the chair. Her upper body clothing was intact, but the skirt on her lower body was pushed to the top, exposing her undergarment-less lower body. The girl’s face was hot pink and continuous moanings were coming from her mouth. One of her graceful legs was hanging down and the other was rosen up by a handsome man. The man’s clothing was intact but his dick was tightly sucked inside the woman’s vagina. His fingers grabbed the female’s buttock and a blobbing thing was jerking inside her vagina. The car was filled with the sounds of a woman screaming, a female and male jerking, and the liquid produced from sex.

The fingers of a masculine serving as a driver skillfully drove the steering wheel, but his dark eyes were focused on the mirror. His flawless body was wearing a personal designer’s suit. His two legs comparable to models were wrapped in classy trousers. His whole body had the aura of coldness and nobility. But under the trouser, something swelled up and seemed to be pressing against the trousers. Through the gap of the hem, you could see it swell up.

The boy’s lips curved into and his hand lightly turned the steering wheel. The car rushed up the hill and the car experienced violent bumps. The female’s screams passed through his ears.

His lips slightly curved, “You little slut, it’s time for you to take out the fire you’ve made.” Instantly, the car drove to the mid-mountain.



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Chapter 6