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Escape From The Triplets Chapter 5

All chapters are in Escape From The Triplets
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It was five o’clock when class ended. Lan Jing Yi was packing her bags, getting ready to return home. She felt upset as she went to school in the morning, frightened that people would look at her strangely and would receive strange calls. But, nothing happened that day, everything was very normal.

Her panic gradually reassured, maybe everything passed and that was just a dream. She hadn’t gone to Yilan Bungalow for the past two days but everything remained the same.

She was waiting for the public bus next to the stop sign. She was ready to return to her rented house, not the bungalow because she didn’t want to provoke the pair of demons, even though they looked like angels.

A car passed by and stopped at her side. The car window slid down and Han Feng’s handsome face appeared. “Do you want a free ride?” he asked sweetly.

Lan Jing Yi shrugged, “Why not?” They both smiled at each other, and Han Feng got up to open the door for her.

The car drove quickly to her rented house, but Han Feng didn’t open the door for her, but instead looked at her and asked, “Why did you rent a house so close to the academy?”

After seeing Lan Jing Yi smile, he said, “Since I drove you home, shouldn’t you see me off?”

“No need, otherwise we both won’t be able to go back,” Lan Jing Yi said jokingly.

Han Feng looked disappointed, purposely looked at her, and said, “You’re so cold.”

Lan Jing Yi smiled and said, “Good night, Senior,” then she opened the door herself.

“Don’t you want to invite me for coffee?” Han Feng said lazily while lying on the car seat.

Lan Jing Yi bluntly stopped, jumped out of the car after opening the door, and said, “

The smile that once appeared on his face reappeared.

Lan Jing Yi rented the top room. When they reached the floor, Lan Jing Yi turned her head to Han Feng, smiled, and pulled out the key. As soon as the door opened, she turned her head, and said, “Senior, come in.” After stepping forward, her eyes widened and her face paled. She stepped back quickly and, “Bam!” shut the door. She leaned her back against the wall.

“What’s wrong, Jing Yi?” Han Feng saw Lan Jing’s pale face and asked as he held onto her shoulder. Lan Jing Yi trembled slightly, trying to control herself, and said, “Sorry, Senior. I… I’m not feeling well. I’ll treat you next time.”

Han Feng’s face was full of sympathy and said, “Where don’t you feel well? I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“There’s no need,” Lan Jing Yi shook her head, “I’ll be fine with a little rest.”

“Alright,” Han Feng looked at her doubtfully. He still felt a little worried and said, “Rest well, remember that you still owe me a cup of coffee. I’ll ask you for it.”

“Sorry, Senior.”

Han Feng turned his body and looked at her with gentle eyes, “There’s no problem. Are you sure you’ll be fine by yourself?” After seeing her nod, he waved at her and walked downstairs.

Lan Jing Yi laid tirely on the wall. She could feel light shivers spreading through her body.

A new picture appeared on the front side of the living room. This wasn’t a picture of a landscape, but a magnified picture of a naked woman being played by two boys of the same height.

The two boys had the same faces, handsome like Satan. One of the boys held the woman from behind and tightly pressed on to the woman’s thighs, making her private part fully shown towards the boy on the other side.

The other boy looked at the woman’s vulva. The muscular boy had no entrance. The vagina’s opening was to its extent, and both the anatomy of the female and male were very clear, making anyone’s heart flutter. The whole picture exuded an intense atmosphere, making one a criminal.

Lan Jing Yi’s whole body shivered. She rushed inside the bedroom and saw the walls of the whole room filled with pictures. They’re all pictures of the same woman in different positions with the two boys.

“Di, our baby has arrived,” the boy laying on her bed said, a smile appearing on his face. Na Lan Di turned around, in his hand was an image that was originally on the makeup table. He winced and smiled. His eyes were cold and said, “Has our baby finally decided to come back?” While talking, the two boys walked toward Lan Jing Yi.

A spark of fear passed Lan Jing Yi’s eyes. She turned around and instinctively wanted to run away, but how could she leave? Her body was surrounded by a pair of arms.

Na Lan Lu’s long fingers caressed her cheek and drew circles. He said, “Are we water monsters? Why do you want to hide every time you see us? You’re breaking our hearts. Di and I have been in pain from thinking about you.

Na Lan Di’s fingers gripped her chin, lightly caressing it, and said, “The canary in the cage will not come back home if it’s given too much freedom. Looks like we’ve got it wrong.”

Na Lan Lu smiled, his lips pressed on to Lan Jing Yi’s ear, and said, “What do you think, Teacher?”

Lan Jing Yi’s whole body trembled and said, “How did you two get in? Why did you put these pictures up?” She was very scared. Even though she’s 28-years-old, she felt terror and helplessness from what happened to her these few days.

“What pictures?” an evil smile appeared on Na Lan Di’s face as he looked into her eyes.

Lan Jing Yi gaped as she looked at the pictures on the wall. She immediately looked away, and her cheeks turned bright red. She heard the two boys laugh mischievously.

Na Lan Lu patted her face and said, “Our teacher is timid, look at her clear and tomato-like cheeks. It’s me and Di’s favorite food.” After seeing Lan Jing Yi’s face turned redder, he cackled and said, “How will we know what pictures if you don’t tell us? Is it the pictures of life in Di’s hand or… the pictures on the wall of us fucking you?”

“Shut up.” Lan Jing Yi said. The pain on her chin made her exclaim. Na Lan Di gripped her chin harder as if he was trying to break it. His cold eyes narrowed and said, “It’s best if you don’t say those two words, got it?” He winced and hardened his grip.
Lan Jing Yi’s face contorted. The pain burrowed into her bones, making her feel as if her bones were going to crumble.
 Na Lan Lu saved her in time, “Di, you’re so harsh. You’re going to scare our cute teacher to death. Look, her smooth skin is only suitable to caress, not to torture. If it’s ruined, it will no longer be pretty.” His finger went through her hair, massaging gently. He breathily said, “Teacher will no longer say that anymore, right? She’ll be obedient…” He stopped talking, and her ear was inside his mouth.
 Lan Jing Yi exclaimed and tried to dodge. A pair of hands held her head and the wet tongue reached toward her ear, gently, like a disobedient bug. “What a sensitive thing,” Na Lan Lu mocked.
Lan Jing Yi felt countless spiders climbing on her body. It was unbearable, but shivers cursed through her, making her moan. She trembled again after looking into Na Lan Di’s cold eyes but was unable to escape.

Na Lan Di grinned and said, “Slut, do you already have a reaction?” He reached his hand and traced her lips. He then furiously rubbed it inside the wall of her mouth.
Na Lan Di grinned and said, “You already have a reaction? Slut.” He reached his hand and traced her lips, then furiously rubbed it inside the wall of her mouth.

Lan Jing Yi’s body was cold and hot. She felt immense pain but didn’t dare to revolt. She pitifully closed her eyes and smelled the scent of ambergris and the smell of humans surrounded her like a snake.

“Do you know your crimes?” Na Lan Lu’s body tightly stuck onto Lan Jing Yi’s back. His lofty height made Lan Jing Yi oppressed. His voice was low and the movement of his fingers was light, sliding through Lan Jing Yi’s hair as if he was the world’s most gentle lover.

Lan Jing Yi looked down, her mouth slightly trembling, like a child who did something wrong. She had always had an occupational disease and held the status of a teacher towards anyone. But the twenty-eight-year-old woman was now in the hands of a sixteen-year-old.

“Do you know what you did wrong, hm?” he threateningly hummed. His fingers stopped moving, his hand stretched open and resting upon the back of her head. Lan Jing Yi looked down, divided by her hair. She could clearly feel a sense of pressure from the back of her head.
Her head drooped lower, and the strength from his hand increased.

“It’s my fault,” Lan Jing Yi said. A satisfied smile appeared on the devil’s face. He lightly pulled her hair upwards and continued combing her hair. “Tell me, what did you do wrong?” he asked, leaving a kiss on her forehead.
“I didn’t go to Yi Lan Bungalow…”

“Not bad.” He pulled her bangs behind her ear and started eating her snow-white ear.

“Ah…Lan Jing Yi tilted her head to dodge. He looked at her and grabbed onto her long hair. “You can use these tactics at night for stimulation. As for now, you can stop.” After talking, he opened his mouth and bit her ear.

Lan Jing Yi bit her lips and tears formed from her eyes.
Na Lan Di stuck onto her ear and said, “Who is that old man? He was so close to you and touched your shoulder. We are the only ones who could touch your shoulder, got it? Did you stay at his place last night? How much money did he pay you for you to serve such an old man? Where did he touch you? Here? Here? Or here?” He reached out his hand and touched all her sensitive areas with shock waves.

“No,” Lan Jing Yi said pitifully, “He’s just the principal of Lan Shan. He is my senior and a great person, please don’t say that about him…” She almost cried.

He winced, “Why should I believe you?”

“It’s true, please don’t think like that.” Lan Jing Yi shook her head.

“I’ll believe you this once, don’t lie because I’ll investigate.” He forcefully tilted her head and lowered his voice, “Where did you go last night then? Can it be that you have other men?” His face was expressionless, but Lan Jing Yi could see the hidden violence and anger from his eyes.

She shivered, “No…it’s… a student that hasn’t come to class for many days. I went for a house visit and stayed there overnight because I didn’t feel well.

“Male or female?” the cold voice responded.

“Masculine, but he is just my student!” She added quickly. She regretted it right after, scared that what she said would make him suspicious.

“What is he called?”

“He’s really only my student, a new transfer student.”

“What’s his name?” he yelled.

Lan Jing Yi jumped, “Lan Hong.”

“We’ll investigate him either way, but having you say it probably means that nothing has happened between the both of you.”

Lan Jing Yi was relieved.

“Where are you uncomfortable?” he asked again, looking at her with a feeling of oppression.

“Nowhere,” she looked down, “I just feel powerless.”

“Does it still hurt?”

She looked up, and her face reddened, escaping his gaze.

“Ah…” she exclaimed because a body tightly pressed onto her.

“Don’t move,” he breathed into her ear. After seeing her eyes flutter, her face whitens, and curls up into a ball. He sat up, stuck out his finger, and ripped her dress.

“No,” Lan Jing Yi’s legs naturally closed in. She trembled, opened her eyes, and begged the ice-cold face.

His pupils looked away and stared hard at her, “Don’t say those two words. The next time you say it, I’ll pretend it’s part of foreplaying. Usually,, when a woman says she doesn’t want it, it means she really does.

Lan Jing Yi shook her head, eyes teary, showing a pitiful face.

“I have a preference for obedience. I’ll treat her better if she’s obedient, if not, she’ll suffer unbearable consequences.” His cold eyes had a beam of happiness. His eyes passed Lan Jing Yi’s body.

“Good girl, let me take a look and see if your route still contains the smell of us.” He then ripped her underwear, pushed her legs away to the widest angle, and bent it. “Don’t move,” he patted her thigh.

Lan Jing Yi piteously bit her lips and widened her thighs. She exposes her private part to the man in front of her as if waiting for them to enter.

Na Lan Di satisfyingly looked at her position and stopped his eyes at the petal planted in the middle of her legs. Lan Jing Yi looked away, a bitter tear fell on her cheeks.

A head lowered and closed into the middle of her legs. A nose and mouth pressed upon her private part.

“No…” Her legs naturally closed, coincidentally, it enclosed his head. He pushed away from her legs, enough force to cause her pain. He glanced at her, “Do you want it that bad?”


“If not, then obediently widen your legs. Don’t move.”

Lan Jing Yi felt that this was the world’s most embarrassing position, but she had no choice.

Na Lan Di bent down and his long fingers widened her labia, showing off the vagina that’s at half open state. His finger moved to her vagina, it sensitively closed in on his finger. His middle finger slowly entered.

“Ah…” Lan Jing Yi involuntarily arched up and closed her legs. The small hole continuously closed into the invading fingers.

He stopped her leg. His middle finger went deeper and simultaneously stroked the vagina wall. His middle finger exited, followed by a white substance.

He took out his wet finger and saw Lan Jing Yi’s wince. Her body was twitching and produced a puddle of fluid.

“Sensitive slut, already so aroused.” He sniffed his middle finger and then pressed onto Lan Jing YI, putting his finger into Lan Jing Yi’s half-opened mouth.

Lan Jing Yi started resisting. He held still her head, his fingers softly swirling inside her mouth until the substance was rubbed onto her mouth and replaced by saliva.

He laughed softly, “Is it appetizing? Does it have our smell?”

Lan Jing Yi softly coughed but couldn’t get rid of the long finger in her mouth.

“Time to dine.” Na Lan Lu walked in. His long golden hair was tied on the back of his head, uncovering an angel-like face. His tall body was covered by a simple T-shirt and sports shorts, on top of that was the floral apron that Lan Jing Yi used when cooking. Yet, he didn’t look funny when wearing it, opposingly, he looked very handsome.

Lan Jing Yi’s dress was pushed toward her waist and her underwear was taken off by Na Lan Di, exposing her hairy garden. Her thin body was laid upon a tall man and the man’s finger was inside her cherry-red mouth.

Na Lan Lu’s head closed in, “Hey, dinner’s not ready, and you are already eating? Are you that hungry?”

Lan Jing Yi’s face reddened and wanted to hide in a hole so bad.

Na Lan Di got his finger out and lifted her. Her dress was still stuck on her waist, her thighs were surrounding Na Lan Di’s waist because of her bent forward position, causing her snow-white butt to be extremely attractive.

Na Lan Lu took his hand out and forcefully pinched twice and chuckled.

The table was filled with cooked food and emitted a sweet fragrance. It was unexpected for a spoiled sixteen-year-old to have such competent cooking skills.

Lan Jing Yi’s dress was pulled down by Na Lan Di and she was placed on a chair, facing the big picture in the living room. Lan Jing Yi’s face turned bright red again. She felt very unnatural without underwear under her dress.

“I…I want..” she held the outline of her dress.

“What do you want?’ Na Lan Lu crouched and faced her with his handsome face. A lock of golden hair escaped from the tie and landed next to his cheek, making him look extremely sexy.
“My….underwear…” The two words were hard to say and Lan Ying Yi’s face was already like a hot tomato.

The two boys looked at each other and smiled. Na Lan Di walked towards them, “You don’t need unders; even if you wear it, it’ll be taken off later on. Don’t forget that you are our naked doll.” His hand touched the top of her head and Lan Jing Yi shivered.

“Those pictures…” Lan Jing Yi looked up with her eyes and immediately looked down, “Can you take them off?”

“Are you timid again?” Na Lan Lu laughed softly. “As long as you behave obediently, we will consider it. We’re going to watch for your behavior right now. Let’s eat, this whole table of food is made for you. Di never works with fire and smoke, he has mysophobia. But, I can make any dish in the world, as long as it exists. I am a naturally-born chef, so don’t think that we are the same.”

Na Lan Lu handed her a pair of chopsticks and both of them sat on either side of her. Na Lan Di said, “To be our woman, you must have the ability to serve both of us, but you are still far from that. Our bodies are already deflating you, let alone …” He glanced at Lan Jing Yi’s reddened face and continued talking, “You have to eat more from now on and make yourself stronger, else you’ll be very tired. Eat up.”

Lan Jing Yi took the chopsticks and the bowl pushed toward her, but she didn’t feel hungry at all. How could she have the appetite after facing the two demons, the night coming forth, and pictures on the wall?

“What’s wrong? Is the food not appetizing?” Na Lan lu looked at her.

“Ah.. no..” she picked up the chopsticks and picked some food into her mouth, but she didn’t want to swallow it.

“Are you counting the rice?” Na Lan Di lifted her chin.

“No…” she quickly shook her head.

“Come over here,” Na Lan Lu moved her body, took the spoon on the table, and scooped a spoonful of rice, “Open up.”

Lan Jing Yi winced and opened her mouth unwillingly. The rice went inside her mouth and she looked agonized. Another spoonful of rice arrived beside her lips before she had the time to swallow. “Open up.”

Lan Jing Yi quickly chewed it a few times and quickly swallowed it, she choked. Na Lan Lu patted her back and said, “Good girl, you have to eat more. You’re the first to have Di feed you.”

Lan Jing Yi opened her mouth and took another spoonful. Because of her loss of appetite, chewing and swallowing were terribly painful. The bowl of rice was finally emptied and Lan Jing Yi was very much relieved. Then Na Lan Di pushed the bowl and replaced it with his.

“I’m full…”

“Already full? How can you become stronger by eating such a small amount? You need to eat at least two bowls, quickly open your mouth.” Na Lan Di commanded.

Lan Jing Yi opened her mouth and wanted to vomit after seeing the spoonful of white rice, so she quickly shut her eyes. She chewed it while wincing and quickly swallowed it.

At the same time, something warm rested upon her thigh, turned out it was a hand. It slithered up and inside her dress, quickly finding its way to her secret garden and pulled onto her clitoris.
“Ah” she exclaimed. She looked at Na lan Lu, who laughed presumptuously. His long finger entered her vagina.

“Ah.” She bent over and her body naturally reacted to the foreign object. “No, Na Lan Lu, please…”

Na Lan Di turned her face, “Don’t look away and eat up. Open up your mouth.”
His finger started to twirl inside her mouth. A substance dripped out of her mouth and her body was electrified by the presumptuous finger.

“Ah…:” she couldn’t help but moan. She opened her mouth and a big spoonful of rice entered her mouth. Na Lan Di held her chin and looked at her coldly,” Concentrate on eating.”

Lan Jing Yi slowly swallowed it but her body continuouslypiked upp. Na Lan Lu’s finger contained electrocution and moved faster in her lower body. His other hand played on her wounded labia.

His finger simultaneously pierced in, chafing her vagina. She lifted her head and a verse of moaning sounded, with tears of lamentation.

Na Lan Di grabbed her chin and fed her another spoonful of rice. His finger moved down and caressed her snow-white neck.

Lan Jing Yi’s body is curved. When Na Lan Lu’s finger entered again, a substance flowed out again, landing on the edge of the skirt and the face of Na Lan Lu’s hand.

Lan Jing Yi gasped for air, her body seemed to collapse, and her face was as red as a peach. Looking at her, Na Lan Di’s black eyes darkened. His hand held his neck and said, “What a dishonest wonton.”

Na Lan Lu pulled out his finger from her lower body. A sticky and wet substance was on his finger and the face of his hand. “Di, she has too much liquid. She’s already done with a couple of tries. Her liquid is everywhere.” He signaled at him.

Na Lan Di got his sign and pinched Lan Jing Yi’s chin, making her open her mouth.

“Good girl,” Na Lan Lu crunched up and stared at her, “Eat the substance on my hand clean.”
Lan Jing Yi shook her head in panic and looked pleadfully.

“Are you not being obedient again? Di will be mad…” Na Lan Lu blinked innocently, and his finger reached inside her mouth.

Looking at Lan Jing Yi’s vagina slowly sucking Na Lan Lu’s fingers, both of them started to get horny.

“Where are we going?” Lan Jing Yi crouched up.

“We’re going for a walk. We have to take a hundred steps after eating, it helps digestion.” Na Lan Lu answered.

“No…please don’t…” She’s scared that they’ll meet someone and it’s getting late. Having two strong men with her in a house will probably have others…”

“Can you not wait any longer?” Na Lan Lu’s eyes of lust looked at her. Lan Jing Yi jumped up and quickly rushed out of the living room. “Umm.. let’s go for a walk instead.”

The two boys looked at each other, grinned, and followed her.”

Lan Jing Yi stopped at a park not far from the apartment. It’s the place where people exercise after tea time. Lan Jing Yi walked in front and the two men followed, just like bodyguards.

Lan Jing Yi was very nervous. The two boys’ distance of not being far nor close made her feel unnatural. She was scared to meet someone, but that was what awaited her.

“Miss Lan, are you going for a walk.” An aunty from a neighboring apartment came from the other side.

Lan Jing Yi wanted to hide but it was too late, “Yes, aunty.” After answering, she ran a few steps.

The sharp eyes of the aunty landed on the two boys, “Yo, what handsome men. Miss, Lan, who are they?”

“Oh, I…” She meant to say that she didn’t know them but unfortunately, Na Lan Lu and Na Lan Di walked to both her sides. She quickly thought of something else, “They are my… my nephews…” She meant to say her students, but people will be suspicious if masculine students stay at her place.

Two sets of eyes stared at her. Each one of the boys held her onto her shoulder, the remaining arms grabbed her waist.

“What are you guys doing? Let go!” Lan Jing Yi looked nervously at the aunty and grumbled.

The two held even tighter and a sweet and evil smile appeared on their faces. They both sounded,” Let’s go, our most beloved aunty.”

The aunty that just praised her looked wide-eyed at Lan Jing Yi. A sense of contempt appeared on her face and hurried away like running from a plague.

Lan Jing Yi’s face was white and pushed them away, “What are you guys doing? You’re going to make other people get the wrong idea”

The two boys, one left and one right, trapped her in the middle and seemed to push all their weight on her. Lan Jing Yi’s body was unbalanced. “Mistaken? Aunty, what have they mistaken us for? Their mistake is more like a hundredth of the fact.”

“You guys…!… don’t call me that.”

“Did aunty forget that you were the one who recognized our unknown dad as a brother?”

“Let’s go back,” Lan Jing Yi was too embarrassed to see others.

“Back to Yi Lan Bungalow?”

“No,” she objected. That was the place of her nightmares.

“Teacher, look at how pretty this scenery is. It would be a shame if we don’t take a look.”

“We must take a walk after all that food, else we can’t promise that you won’t barf it all out during the vigorous exercise.”

“Ah…” Lan Jing Yi grasped her hair. She’s going to go crazy!

The two boys clasped around Lan Jing Yi’s shoulders. They were very tall and surrounded Lan Jing Yi. There was a strange atmosphere.

Lan Jing Yi was too afraid to look up and she could see the familiar neighbors passing by. They all looked at them suspiciously and didn’t forget to look back. One of them gossiped and pointed fingers at them.

Lan Jing Yi was deeply embarrassed and her heart broke.

Night soon fell and less people came when they entered the garden. A white bench came across them and the two weeping willows were planted on both sides next to the bench, giving shade to them.

“Di, let’s take a break here,” Na Lan Lu suggested. His butt rested upon the bench and his arms were on the backrest of the bench and two legs gracefully stacked on top of each other.

“Babe, are you tired?” Na Lan Di softly asked beside her ear.

“Not…” she hasn’t finished saying the last word “tired” and found her body pushed against the branch by Na Lan Di. His body pressed against hers.

“You…” she didn’t finish off her phrase. A restless hand pushed her skirt to the middle and a rough hand squeezed her butt as if pushing her into the tree trunk. Even though there was fabric in between, Lan Jing Yi could feel something hard touching her sensitive vagina.

He continuously attacked her and his hard dick played with her sensitive area. A palm ferociously pinched her labia. His tongue skillfully split her lips and tangled with her tongue.

“Uh.ah.. ugh” Lan Jing Yi could barely talk and started moaning.

Na Lan Di’s hand arose and came across her back and pushed her skirt onto her collarbone. His hand grabbed onto her boob, making the pink top rise up.

His knee pushed her toward the tree.

“Ah..” Lan Jing Yi groaned painfully. She feels that the branches of the trees are poking into her. Na Lan Di looked down, pinched her two nipples with his two hands, and bit her.

“Ah…”no..” Lan Jing Yi could feel her body arousing. Two different sounds came from her upper and lower body.

It wasn’t completely dark yet, Lan Jing Yi was pressed upon by two boys. She was almost naked and was only left with two pieces of clothing, just like swimwear. It felt worse than fully naked.

She felt like an obedient sheep and couldn’t revolt. She let the boys play with her boobs and her mouth.

She heard the sound of footsteps from somewhere not far away. It seemed like someone was coming. Na Lan Di was still playing with one of her boobs.

“No…someone’s coming, I beg of you… ah..let go..” He bit her sensitive breast and Lan Jing Yi naturally curved up. She resisted and pleaded to the man in front of her.

The boy ignored her and continued sucking on the woman’s big boobs. Her boobs were soft, smooth, and huge. There was a light scent coming from it and with her thin skin, it made the men even more aroused.

Her thin skin and her fragile body were perfect. She was like a fallen angel whose purpose is to seduce men.

The boy on the chair gracefully leaned to the side. The shiny moonlight reflected onto her beautiful face and his blonde hair blew with the wind. He didn’t know he was so handsome, so handsome to make him different from all others, much like a devil. He smiled, his eyeballs went in the direction of the girl who was played by a boy. His eyes were as shiny as the stars as if looking at a marvelous play.

They didn’t care about the footsteps that were coming closer.

They were like devils that didn’t have to follow the regulations of the humans. The human regulations were an abstract structure to them. Opposingly, Lan Jing Yi wanted a lifestyle, she was a teacher and didn’t want to be laughed at…

“I beg of you… let go… I agree to go to Yi Lan Bungalow.”

“What did you say?” Ahead came up and his dark eyes made her want to look away. Her boobs reflected against the moonlight. Because of being caressed and touched by the men, it became hot and swollen. Her nipples were hard and red, the man’s saliva also remained on it. It just left the boy’s mouth, because of the cold weather, it slowly bounced and seemed to be inviting the boy.

Lan Jing Yi’s face flushed. She looked up quickly and met the pair of ice-cold eyes.

I…I agree to return to Yi Lan Bungalow…” her voice trembled, because she didn’t want to go, yet she had no other choice. She can’t stay here anymore, people will think she’s a hoe, and she couldn’t stand that opinion.

“Will you stay there?”

“Yes, until you kick me out.”

“Hmph,” Na Lan Di laughed, reaching out to help her fix her clothes. His hand passed around her forehead, smoothing the hair that had just reached her head and rubbing it gently, as if like a pet that pleased him.

The sound of footsteps approached and a young couple appeared. They looked at the romantic lover under the weeping willow tree and looked curiously at the two boys sitting on the benches with similar facial expressions. They left gossiping but couldn’t resist the urge to look back.

Na Lan Lu stood up and walked over. His long fingers touched his oily forehead and said, “You have been very obedient today.” His eyes flicked and said, “Di, let’s go home.” Lan Jing Yi pulled him by the sleeves and said, “Those pictures… Can you take them down?” She didn’t dare to ask Na Lan Di and thought that Na Lan Lu might be more kind-hearted.

“Wouldn’t it be troublesome to take them all down? It was quite difficult for me and Di to put it up. We will rent that room and continue using it and only allow the three of us to view it, don’t worry. Unless we’re crazy, otherwise we won’t allow other men to see our woman’s nudes.” He laughed, making Lan Jing Yi shiver.



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Chapter 5