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Lan Jing Yi changed her expression into a smile and said, “Principal, do you need me for anything?”

“Uhh, it’s this Miss. Lan, there’s a new transfer student that I want to arrange into your class… What do you think of this?

Lan Jing Yi winced. Her class already had more students compared to others. So the new problem should be special and denied by other teachers, else why would he be arranged to hers? She awkwardly said, “Principal, it’s not that I don’t want to take him, but our class has just gotten better, I’m scared that a new student will change the atmosphere of the class. So…” she locked eyes with a pair of black pupils and stopped talking.

Behind the principal was an unfamiliar face. She had not seen him because she was focused on the principal. The boy looked around the age of sixteen. He was tall, had buttercup-colored-like hair that covered his eyes, and wore a blue-colored uniform. The boy’s skin was really pale and had a clear facial structure. But he looked at her coldly, making her think of a desolate desert.

She was dumbfounded. His pupils were so familiar, as if she had seen someone with the same kind of eyes, but not as dead as his.

She stopped talking, not knowing what to say. She stopped making contact with her eyes, but couldn’t dodge the gaze of his pair of eyes.

The principal who was standing by the side awkwardly said, “Miss Lan, this is the student that I want to arrange into your class.” Lan Jing Yi’s heart leaped, turned her head, and asked, “What’s your name?”

The boy continued to stare at her, his eyes were still dim and lip tight. Lan Jing Yi felt a bit awkward and heard someone giggle from behind her. Lan Jing Yi turned around and stared. Niu Da Qiu immediately looked down.

“Oh, his name is Lan Hong, I heard he has outstanding academic grades,” while talking, the principal fluttered his eyes.

Lan Jing Yi smiled and said, “Ah, is your surname also Lan? We have the same surnames, my surname is also Lan. You can call me Miss Lan from today on.”

Lan Hong looked blandly at her, with the same ice-cold face. The edge of Lan Jing Yi’s lips gradually lowered and she looked at him strangely.

Could he be deaf? She tilted her head. It couldn’t be, he seemed to have understood her.

Lan Jing Yi turned around, flicked the teaching stick, and said, “You guys are punished for standing at the corner of the wall for an hour, stick your backs to the wall, lift your hands up, and do not move. You will be tested on the information of today’s class, study what you’ve missed at home. If you do not pass, you will continue to be punished. Do not be lazy, as I will check the results.”

“Aww..” the boys looked at one another, as if they were not satisfied.

“Are you in regret? Too late, let’s see what will happen next time.” Lan Jing Yi said seriously. She turned her body and switched to a sweet tone, causing the boys in the back to protest. Lan Jing Yi ignored them and said to the boy, “Lan Hong, follow me.”

Whoosh! The girls in the class all wowed as Miss Lan walked in. Some girls whispered to each other saying something related to the appearance of the prince in the mangas, while others grabbed a mirror out and started fixing their hair.

Lan Jing Yi smiled and pretended to not see their small acts. She once experiences this and knew that teens around sixteen were beginning their puberty period and their imagination to people of the opposite sex.

“Students, this is our new transfer student — Lan Hong.” She then turned to Lan Hong and said, “Why don’t you introduce yourself?”

Lan Hong looked at her for a second and walked to the empty seat in the back of the classroom without a word. Lan Jing Yi was dumbfounded, opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

What if he doesn’t know how to speak? She blamed herself for being too rough. If what she thought was real, then wouldn’t she hurt his self-esteem?

“He’s so cool.”

“How handsome”

The girls in the back were all gossiping towards each other. Lan Jing Yi awkwardly widened her mouth and said, ‘Let’s… Let’s welcome him into our class,” and she started to lead on the clapping.

Whoosh. Everyone started to clap, the girls were extremely energetic.

Lan Hong’s face was still without expression and his bland eyes slightly glimmered when Lan Jing Yi started clapping.

Ever since Lan Hong arrived in freshman class three, he remained quiet and gained outstanding grades. He looked like a teacher’s pet, but that was not what Lan Jing Yi thought. She thinks that such students make it difficult to manage because they do not communicate with others. He seems to have a barrier around him that blocks others from him, and only uses his cold eyes to look at others.

Lan Jing Yi has never heard him talk, and ended up with the conclusion that he is mute. Because he isn’t able to communicate, he became an outlier. Thus, she was more caring to this student.

She started to recite the textbook, and walk down the podium while reading. She is used to walking around the classroom when she’s reading, so all of the students can hear her.

Suddenly, her legs started to feel weak and powerless. Everything in front of her darkened and a big hand grabbed onto her shoulder and said, “Miss, are you alright?” Yu Bei’s caring face slowly appeared in her eyes.

Lan Jing Yi lifted her head, smiled, and said, “I am alight.” She then gestured to Yu Bei to sit down and walked back.

“Teacher, please rest,” Xiao Ying worriedly said. Lan Jing Yi shook her head and said, “I am really alright, you do not need to worry. Let me find a student to read it.”

After class, Lan Jing Yi went back to her office to pack up.

The grade counselor, Han Feng poured a cup of water in front of her, sat on the seat in front, and asked, “Where are you busily going to?”

Lan Jing Yi didn’t lift her head and said, “I’m going for a home visit. One of the students in our class has not come to school for three days.”

“You should make a call first. You have just recovered from your illness, yet you are pressuring yourself so much. Look, your face is still so pale, even though you used powder.”

Lan Jing Yi’s face reddened. Jan Feng lightly said, “But, you are really pretty today. It’s the first time I’ve seen you put on makeup since I’ve known you.

“You’re so cheesy,” Lan Jing Yu lifted her head and shyly said. Han Feng is her senior from the university. Half of the reason she came to this school was because he invited her.

After packing everything up, she picked up her bag and saw Han Feng look at her. “I’ve checked already, and there was no contact information in Nan Hong’s report. I only have his address, so I have to go for a visit. Otherwise, I’ll feel bad,” she left for the door after she finished talking.

Han Feng grabbed onto her arm and asked, “How’s your leg?”

She stopped for a while and smiled,” This is just a sequela from the illness. My leg will feel a bit powerless after recovering, so you do not need to worry, Senior.”

“Why don’t I go with you?” Han Feng grabbed his jacket.

“No need,” Lan Jing Yi said stubbornly. “The other teachers will say that you’re being biased,” she then left the office.

Lan Hong lives in a bungalow that’s designated on the top of the mountain. Lan Jing Yi followed the housekeeper, Uncle Chen, and said, “Uncle Chen, is Lan Hong sick?”

Uncle Chen looked awkward. Lan Jing Yi acknowledged and asked, “Do his parents know that he has not come to class for three days?”

Uncle Chen shook his head. Lan Jing Yi then continued saying, “Are his parents not here? Can you contact them? I want to talk to them about Lan Hong’s situation.”

Uncle Chen sighed and said, “Miss Lan, our Young Master’s mother is in the United States, I am the only one who’s accompanying Young Master. The Young Master’s in a bad mood there two days, so I have not talked to him. Thank you for your care, Miss Lan,” Uncle Chen then led Lan Jing Yi to a huge living room. Uncle Chen bowed and then left.

Lan Jing Yi noticed that this big living room actually held an indoor swimming pool. Inside the pool was a teen swimming. His slender body twirled in the bristling water, and his positions were really graceful.

Lan Jing Yi stood at the side of the pool and smiled at him.

Suddenly, the boy in the pool disappeared. Lan Jing Yi was dumbfounded. Next to her foot appeared a big splash, and a boy popped up. Droplets splashed onto her moccasins; she backed away hurriedly. The boy walked up from the water, passed her body, and sat on the lounger.

He wore red-colored shorts. His wet hair fell on his forehead, his skin was really white and his body was extremely muscular. He lightly sipped the cup of blue cocktail on the table. He squinted, laid back on the chair as if he had not found an extra person in the lounge.

Lan Jin Yi looked away. Though he is her student, she is not used to seeing a naked boy. The tight swimwear, making the features of his masculine body very distinctive. She grabbed the clean towel on the chair and handed it to him, “Wrap it around, else you’ll catch cold. Also, dry your hair, else…” She stopped talking as a cold stare was locked onto her.

Coincidentally, Uncle Chen came over and said, “Miss Lan, have a cup of orange juice.” Lan Jing Yi quickly got up and thanked him. Uncle Chen nodded and left again.

Lan Jing Yi turned the cup and saw that the towel was on his body, but the droplets still dripped from his hair.

“Lan Hong, why did you not go to class?” she asked cautiously. She didn’t expect him to answer her and only hoped for him to give her a gaze. Talking can not show everything, sometimes a gaze is enough.

But, Lan Hong’s eyes were already shut. The chair behind him automatically lowered, giving him a comfortable position to lay on. His hand was still grabbing onto the cup of wine, the ice-blue substance was really pleasing.

He seemed to not have heard her. To be more exact, he ignored her.

In Lan Jing Yi’s eyes, the ice-blue was really stimulating. Drinking at such a young age, if he was another student, she would’ve already started scolding, but this doesn’t work for Lan Hong.

“A-are you asleep?” she asked in a light voice. Her gaze stopped at his black eyebrows.

The eyebrows moved, jumped up, and exposed his black pupil. “Why are you here?” he said and then shut his eyes again.

Lan Jing Yi jumped up and shockingly looked at him. So he wasn’t mute and could talk. She was not angry but surprisingly happy.

It would’ve been a shame if such an outstanding student was mute. “Lan Hong, why are you not going to class? You can tell me if you encountered a difficult problem,” she said patiently.

“How do you know that I didn’t go to class?”

“Huh?” Lan Jing Yi was dumbfounded, not expecting what he had asked, “that was what the students said to me.”

“So, you believe in everything they say? Didn’t you go to class too?”

Lan Jing Yi was speechless. She embarrassingly looked at Lan Hong, fortunately, he was still closing his eyes, and didn’t see her embarrassing expression.

She already knew that “outstanding” students like Lan Hong were the hardest to handle.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Lan Hong glanced at Lan Jing Yi.

“It’s my fault for not telling you before that I am sick, thus I took my leave for three days…But, I believe that students do not lie, so I won’t question you why you didn’t go. I hope that I can see you tomorrow in class, alright?” Lan Jing Yi said with endearment.

Lan Jing Yi shut his eyes with no expression, making him look like he was asleep.

“Lan Hong… are you asleep?” she said with a low voice, feeling defeated.

“If you feel sleepy, you should sleep in your bedroom. You’re going to catch a cold…”

His long eyelashes fluttered, but his eyes were still shut. Lan Jing Yi exhaled lightly. She knew that he was not asleep, he was only ignoring her.

After sitting for a while, she stood up and put the piece of paper in her hand on the table.

‘These are the notes from these three days of every class subject. I made a copy of it, so you can study it. We all…miss you. See you tomorrow…” she looked at him again and got up to leave.

When she walked past the swimming pool, she felt a bit of dizziness. Her legs weakened, slipped, and fell in the pool.

“Bam!” something splashed. Lan Hong opened his eyes sharply, and saw that Lan Jing Yi was gone, ripples appeared in the pool. He jumped, threw the towel, and dived into the pool.

Two boys pinned her down on the bed. They quickly stripped her clothes off and tied her with a rope. They separately laid beside her and started to play with her body.

After playing for a while, one of the boys got off the bed and untied the rope on her leg. He raised her leg up, looking at her private part with an intense stare. He reached out his hand and used his finger to pull her clitoris. The boy’s dick was under her thigh.

“Lu, she’s so tight, I can’t stand this. I’m going to go in first,” while talking, he split her legs as wide as possible. The big dick was next to her entrance and jerked inside.

“No!” Lan Jing Yi screamed and sat up. She breathed deeply and found out that it was just a dream but her face was still full of sweat.

The door opened and a boy ran inside saying, “What’s up? Are you alright?”

“Lan Hong?” Lan Jing Yi looked at him surprisingly. She touched her forehead with her hand and remembered that she fell in the pool.

Lan Hong didn’t say anything and continued to stare at her leg, his sight was really strange. Lan Jing Yi looked at her leg, gasped, and quickly hid herself.

She wore a male T-shirt, the T-shirt was really big and could cover her knee. She didn’t wear anything inside other than the T-shirt.

Na Lan Lu and Na Lan Di rubbed a layer of ointment on her outer skin and added the powder to hide her bruises. But everything under the dress was not fixed, exposing the many bruises.

The bruises above her knee were exposed when she kicked the sheets.

She surrounded herself with the sheet, almost hiding her face. Her face was heating up under the sheet. She felt very ashamed that she let a student see… She even had the desire to die. But, he might not know the meaning of the bruises as he was still young. He must not understand… She comforted herself.

“You fainted in the pool, so I had my maid help you change into my T-shirt. I do not have any feminine clothes here, and your clothes have already been taken to dry out… Are you alright now?” Lan Hong looked at the female teacher hiding in the sheets.

Lan Jing Yi exposed her face and smiled awkwardly, “I am alright now, thank you. I’m so sorry to have troubled you, umm… My clothes… I’ll leave after changing…” She bit her lips and looked at Lan Hong, his face was still ice-cold.

Lan Hong looked away and said, “Are you married?”

“What?” Lan Jing Yi immediately understood the context of his question and started to blush. “I-I really have to go… Where are my clothes?” she said weakly.

Lan Hong stared at her face, but she didn’t dare to look into his eyes. If there was a hole, she would really like to hide inside it.

“Young Master, Miss Lan’s clothes are dry now,” the maid opened the door and handed Lan Hong the clothes. The maid then left.

He grabbed onto the clothes, and didn’t hand them to Lan Jing Yi, “Why didn’t you answer my question? Is it that hard to answer? I heard that you are still single, or am I wrong? Or can it be… that you only have a boyfriend?”

Lan Jing Yi took the clothes, lowered her hand, and said, “Can you go out? I-I need to change…”

Lan Hong glanced at her and said, “You can stay for breakfast,” then left.

Lan Jing Yi was shocked. Was it already morning? She looked up at the clock and saw that the short-hand pointed at seven. So she fainted for a whole night.

She did not go to Yi Lan Bungalow. Will they? She trembled and quickly changed.

Lan Hong was eating breakfast. Uncle Chen saw her, bowed, and said “Miss Lan, good morning.”

“Uncle Chen, good morning,” Lan Jing Yi greeted awkwardly. She looked toward Lan Hong, but he didn’t look up at her. “Lan Hong, I’m going to leave for school first, I still have some papers I need to look over, you can come after you finish eating.”

She was about to leave, but Lan Hong grabbed on to her and said, “Teacher, stay for breakfast.” He looked coldly at her face.

“No, thank you,” Lan Jing Yi denied, but Lan Hong didn’t release his hand and was still staring at her.

“Alright…” she said unwillingly. Lan Hong helped her with the chair and sat on the seat across after seeing her sit.

Lan Jing Yi fidgetted and said, “I-I am currently practicing boxing. The Master is very proficient and almost broke my bones. That’s why there are so many bruises on my body…” Lan Jing Yi smiled unnaturally. Lan Hong glanced at her from the plate, Lan Jing Yi couldn’t find his trust in his dark pupils.

She bit her lips, and looked down, starting to eat breakfast. Lan Hong did not say a word, and there was only the sound of clicking and clacking in the dining room.

The vehicle drove into Lan Shan Campus and gradually stopped. Lan Hong got out of the car to open the door for Lan Jing Yi.

Lan Jing Yi grabbed her bag and said to Lan Hong, “Thank you for the ride, your driving skills are superb. You can head to the classroom, I need to go to my office to fix up, there’s still class. Oh right, don’t forget to look over the papers I copied for you.”

Lan Hong didn’t respond and continued to look at her while tightening his lips. Lan Jing Yi smiled awkwardly. She turned around and took a step and tottered. Lan Hong grabbed onto her arm and said, “You look weak, why don’t I walk with you?”

“No, thank you, you should head to class,” Lan Jing Yi released from his grip.

“Teacher,” Xiao Yin ran over, a weird expression appeared on her face after seeing Lan Hong,

“did you guys come together?”

“Yes,” Lan Jing Yi nodded and glanced at Lan Hong, not noticing the expression on Xiao Ying’s face.

“Let’s go to class together,” Xiao Ying said while walking next to Lan Hong. Lan Hong said expressionlessly,” No need,” not taking a glance at Xiao Ying. Xiao Ying’s facial expression changed again and ran away with her face down after glancing at them.

‘I’ll take you to the office,” Lan Hong said, turning around.

“I am truly alright, you should go to class,” Lan Jing Yi smiled. She turned around but Lan Hong grabbed on to her and said, “What are you scared of? If you’re afraid, why did you admit that you came with me?”

“We came together originally.”

Lan Hong laughed lightly and said, “I don’t know if you are thinking too simply or have your own objective. We definitely came to school together, but that might not be what others might think.”

Lan Jing Yi winced and said, “What…do you mean?”

“Others will think…”

“Jing Yi,” Han Feng walked over and was dumbfounded when he saw Lan Hong and said, “Why did you two come together?”

Lan Jing Yi smiled happily saying, “Senior! Oh, I went too late for the visit and had to stay overnight at the student’s place.”

“So that was what it was.” Han Feng glanced at Lan Hong. Lan Hong’s face was expressionless while saying, “Are you alright?”

“I’m great,” Lan Hing Yi responded, “let’s go, Senior.”

“Alright,” Han Feng nodded and walked towards the office alongside Lan Jing Yi.

Lan Hong leaned on the cat and looked at the pair of shadows without a hint of emotions on his face.



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Chapter 4