Escape From The Triplets Chapter 3

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The room was filled with the sound of flesh thrusting together and loud moans.

Lan Jing Yi’s snow-white body is moving along with the striking of the male. The two white breasts like rabbits, jumping back and forth. The huge black bed instantly rolled into waves.

“Uh-ahh…” His sexual desire and needs are enormous. Her lower body was fully flooded, wave after wave of desire mixed with intense arousal, which made it impossible to control herself and the loud moans made the male’s body respond intensely.

Her tiny hole could no longer fit in him, but her tightness and humid wetness made the young boy’s desires strengthen and drove him insane.

He pulled away his dick and looked at the wet, massive volume of semen and fluid leaking from her swollen vagina. Lan Jing Yi’s body laid on the bed, twitching and trembling, as if about to faint. All the strength in her body seemed to be drained away, not even having the energy to move.

Na Lan Di wickedly smacked her butt and turned towards the “spectating” Na Lan Lu, who was sitting on the sofa. He chose the right one and he was really pleased.
“She’s actually a virgin, it’s even hard to stick my finger inside. Make sure to go lightly later.”

Na Lan Lu threw him the phone, walked forward, and said, “Di, hang her up.”

Na Lan Di heard him and handed him the two copper rings positioned near the bed.

The two copper rings hanging down from the top of the room and at the end was a chic bronze bell that had a lion head design. Lan Jing Yi thought that it was just an ingenious decoration and didn’t think it had another usage.

Na Lan Lu took the lion chain and cuffed it onto her ankle. Her leg was raised, to a ninety-degree angle, exposing her entire vagina for the men to play with.
Na Lan Lu’s hands are pinched on to both sides of her outer labia and a large dick touches Lan Jing Yi’s private part…

Lan Jing Yi’s eyes were filled with fright. Na Lan Di already made her tired and couldn’t endure another robust man ravaging her body.

She shook her head and said, “No… don’t…”
Na Lan Lu laughed slightly, grabbed onto her butt, and straightened himself, and rushed inside her body. The remaining fluids from her body were wet enough, so it wasn’t very difficult to enter.

The resistance of the tight hole made the energetic male crazy. He started to speed up his thrusts and his huge dark dick went in and out in the small entrance, like a sharp knife, becoming quicker and more violent.

“A-ahh…” Lan Jing Yi looked upwards, her face wrinkled from pain, and her body crunched up. Her breasts were like waves, trembling during the climax, causing the seated Na Lan Di to look her way.

Na Lan Lu penetrated her again, making her scream. Everything before her was pitch-black, she finally fainted.

This didn’t stop Na Lan Lu, he continued to fill her lower body until his hot semen entered her uterus.

Lan Jing Yi found herself submerged in water when she awoke. Behind her was a man holding her up so she wouldn’t drown. A lock of blonde hair was on her breast, lightly tickling her nipples. From the golden hair, she figured out that it was Na Lan Lu.

The lukewarm water lightly drifted, comforting her skin. She still felt fatigued, as if her body was empty, an excruciating pain emanating from her lower body.

She didn’t know how long the two brothers played with her before she awoke; she knew it wasn’t just those two times because she could feel her body about to explode.

“You’re awake.” The one who was speaking wasn’t Na Lan Lu, but the person who just came in, Na Lan Di. He looked at her with his ice-cold eyes and smiled.

“Bastard…Monster…” she coughed weakly.
“Lu looks like we’ve been too nice to her. She still has the energy to curse… and play with us…”

Na Lan Lu smiled while saying, “You are right, Teacher. We are monsters, only thinking about the lower half of our body. So it’s best if you don’t put too much hope into us. We chose you because of your body, it would make any man crazy. It’s best if you don’t talk too much, men can’t take any stimulation; once they feel stimulated, they will be invigorated and I am not sure if you can take responsibility for what will happen after.”

He had still not finished, and Lan Jing Yi had already felt a long and hard thing poke down from below her body. She bit her lips, too scared to say a single word.

“Wash her and take her up,” Na Lan Lu said, sitting on the phoebe-carved bed. Na Lan Lu grabbed onto her with one hand and caressed her with the other, lingering on her breast for a while, while moving towards her vulva.

“Ah…” Lan Jing Yi sensitively closed her legs, and her face reddened from anger and humiliation. Na Lan Lu used both of his legs to spread apart her legs and said, “Don’t move or suffer the result.” Lan Jing Yi obediently stayed still, letting his fingers agitate her clitoris. Lan Jing Yi bit her lips, and her body curved naturally.

After the bath, Na Lan Lu lifted her from the water and threw her to Na Lan Di. Na Lan Di caught her and put her on the bed, both eyebrows raised while saying, “You better be obedient, or else…” He looked sharply at Lan Jing Yi, making her tremble.

Na Lan Lu climbed up, still holding her body. He took a transparent ointment from Na Lan Di’s hands and started taking bits of it on her finger, and rubbed it onto the bruises on her body, while Na Lan Di focused on her legs.

The cool and thin ointment rubbed on her skin made her very comfortable. She had no energy left to struggle, leaving them rubbing on her skin. A sense of drowsiness irresistibly overcame her, and her consciousness slowly blurred out.

After finishing rubbing and seeing Lan Jing Yi’s eyes close, the two raised their eyebrows and looked toward each other happily. Na Lan Lu’s hands pulled her two legs upward exposing her private place to Na Lan Di.

Na Lan Di reached out and opened her outer labia, exposing the tiny vaginal opening. Herliquidy vagina was swollen, along with her clitoris. He reached out with two fingers and slowly drew up the vagina and used his other hand to rub on the ointment. After finishing rubbing, his eyes stared at her vagina opening brightly.

Lan Jing Yi awoke from a cold and hot feeling from her lower body. She opened her eyes and saw this inappropriate sight. A naked man pushed apart her legs, which looked like the position of a toddler that didn’t know how to use the bathroom. The other man’s finger was next to her clitoris, twirling, massaging, and playing with it.

She was annoyed and angry, but her body reacted to this act honestly. Her pure lower back raised, and trembles spread from her lower body.

“What a slut,” Na Lan Lu said breathing beside her ear. He turned his head and kissed her lips. She didn’t move. Two streaks of tears slid down her face, mixing in with their entanglement.

Her lower body tightened, Na Lan Di’s penis poked inside her body again and slid in with the help of the ointment. His robust dick penetrated her, entering her snow-white buttock, the fleshly entrance devoured his massive cock.

Their bodies slammed together making thumping sounds. The atmosphere was filled with wet noises, along with the filthy melody of the male’s low growls.

The demons dominated the long night and were left painfully long to their unscrupulous desires. Lan Jing Yi became the sacrifice to the demons. She seemed to be floating in a sea of desire, leaving the two demons using her.

When she woke up again, it was already the morning of the third day. She opened her heavy eyes and seemed to be unused to the light in front of her eyes. She heard the alarm sound nine times.
In her head, floating the term “school time”, she climbed up and stumbled off the bed. She was a good teacher and she was never late for class.

Her feet stumbled on an obstacle and she fell off the bed, unable to get up. She just found out that she was naked, large bruises appeared all over her body, and pain came from every bone. Her ankle was sour and weak, not able to support the rest of her body.

Black was imprinted on the bright rose bed. Two robust, naked men with the same appearance walked next to her. They had a handsome face, but as for the lower half of their body, it was exposed with a wide, long stick. Lan Jing Yi faced the side, trembles spread from her heart.

The past few nights were like a nightmare to her. The two sixteen-year-old teens were filled with endless desires that could never be fulfilled. They keep investigating her body, not caring about her weak body, and keep possessing her. Their fierce investigations cause her to faint each time…

A hand grabbed onto her chin, making her lookup. A pair of cold pupils looked at her and asked, “Where are you going this early?”

Lan Jing Yi looked at him once and said painfully, “Let me go— and I’ll pretend nothing happened.” She was a conservative woman, so it was really hard for her to say those words. But she was also an adult woman, she knew that she was below them in every way except age. Just like what they said, the law was in their hands, and there was no such thing as justice in this world.

Na Lan Lu who was standing beside her smiled and kneeled before her. His fingers lightly slid past her face and said, “Do you think we are willing to let you go after giving us a nice meal?”

Lan Jing Yi trembled. She heard Na Lan Di say, “We can let you go, but it must be after we had enough of you.”

Lan Jing Yi trembled from anger and said, “You are only sixteen-years-old, you have a fantastic future awaiting you. This will destroy you, you will receive retribution.”

A sound of unscrupulous laughter echoed. “We’re not scared of the so-called retribution. We only know that our body needs you, and so you— have to stay.

“Monster, despicable.” Lan Jing Yi wanted to climb up but fell rapidly. The two brothers coldly looked at her, knowing that she couldn’t escape from their hands.

A pile of pictures was thrown before her, they were all pictures of inappropriate scenes. In the pictures, a naked female was being ravaged by two boys that looked the same, and the female was Lan Jing Yi, herself.

Na Lan Lu looked like an innocent teen. Two locks of blonde hair spread upon his shoulders, but what he said was very surprising, “High-quality security cameras are scattered throughout the bungalow, so you don’t have to be scared that you couldn’t review the entanglement from yesterday. Both of us can show you them anytime, and we wouldn’t miss out on any position or moan. These pictures were taken by me and Na Lan Di, they are all souvenirs that we’ll keep. Be obedient or else the pictures will grow wings and will fly to every colleague and students’ pockets in Lan Shan Academy. When that happens, how would they look at you? Would they think that Miss Lan was a slut and playing sex games with two students?

“Lan Jing Yi,” Na Lan Lu read, making Lan Jing Yi tremble while looking up. His cold pupils were still staring at her with no emotion and continued to read, “Twenty-eight-years-old. Both parents died at the age of four and were sent to the Lu Si Dai orphanage until she graduated and found a job, still keeping contact with the orphanage. She views the nannies in the orphanage as her family and calls them ‘mother.’ She also has a special relationship with Lu Si Dai orphanage.

“If you are planning to pull some tricks on us, either it’s running away or ending your life, do not forget those people behind you. Everyone in the orphanage is in our hands, so it’s best if you stay by our side before we lose interest in you or else…let me think… I’m sure you don’t want them to lose their lives because of you,” Na Lan Lu slowly said, as if talking about someone else.

Lan Jing Yi’s whole body was already trembling. She blurted out, “You can do whatever to me, but please don’t hurt them.”

Na Lan Di gripped her chin and said, “So, you better be obedient. All right, babe?”
Na Lan Yi disbelievingly stared at this young face. She couldn’t believe and failed to accept that her life would totally change by these two sixteen-year-olds.

La Lan Di controlled her chin, pulling her towards himself, put his mouth closer to hers, and sucked her lips. Lan Jing Yi closed her eyes, her eyelashes blinked like a butterfly’s wings, exposing her terror. Her pale lips trembled uncontrollably in his lips but she didn’t move. She looked like a dead doll, letting the master play her.

The big room was filled with clothes, shoes, and female accessories. Lan Jing Yi sat in front of the mirror, not recognizing the face in front of her.

The two boys were busy behind her, continuing to touch her skin. The boys in the mirror looked the same, but the feelings they gave off were different. One was as handsome as Satan, the other was as beautiful as an angel, but Lan Jing Yi knew none of them were close to angels, both of them were demons.

They’re tall and handsome, their naked bodies were flawless. Their body figures are made in near-to-perfection of the human body. Even though they were so intimate to her body, Lan Jing Yi couldn’t bear to look at their naked bodies.

They were violent monsters. Fortunately, she already wore the outfit they arranged for her. It was a matching pink skirt outlined with silver laces, the style was simple and elegant. The top was a blouse that had a western-style, it had a rough bow, and the yellow flowers near the chest made it look more realistic. The ruffled lotus flowers on her skirt got rid of the old-style and made her look younger.

Lan Jing Yi never wore clothes with such a style and color, but this wasn’t up to her. She’s now like a doll played by two men.

Na Lan Lu used a comb to fix her hair. She has black hair but never gave it the chance to show off. Na Lan Lu combed it strand by strand and when it became smooth, he tossed away the comb and substituted it with his hand.

Her long eyelashes were colored with mascara, making her eyes more attractive. He put on some eyeshadow and powder foundation for her pale face. The light red won over the blossoms. Finally, Na Lan Di used a finger to lift her chain and put lipstick on her lips.
“Lu, how’s this?” Na Lan Di pinched her face and looked towards Na Lan Lu. Na Lan Lu looked for a while and out came his teeth, “Dramatical change.”

“How old does she look now?” Na Lan Di picked his eyebrow.

Na Lan Lu pinched her chin and said, “Twenty-eight? Twenty-one? Hmm, can’t seem to figure out the age. Anyways, she’s really young, like a juicy peach, makes one want to take a bite.”
Lan Jing Yi’s face reddened and heard the both of them cackle.

Their laughter was ear-piercing. From her ears, it turned to unacceptable irony. She wanted to tell them to stop since she’s a senior mentally. But, her body was ruthlessly ravaged by them and their strength and power took over everything, making her fearful.

“I have to go to school, I have class at ten.” She stood up, planning to leave, but fell after a few steps. A pair of arms caught her, letting her fall into a hug.

“The teacher is so sweet, you know how to fall into a hug now.” Na Lan Lu jokingly said in her face.

“Don’t call me teacher,” Na Lan Lu turned her head. She felt fatigued as if her feet were standing on sponges. The lower half of her body still hurts.

“Why not? I like to call you teacher. Teacher, teacher, teacher…” as if chanting a spell, his voice rang into her ears. Lan Jing Yi felt powerless, everything before her darkened, and she fell into his arms.

“What’s wrong, teacher? Do you not feel well?” Na Lan Lu asked.

“Does that place hurt?”

Lan Jing Yi’s whole face reddened, even her neck was bright red.

Na Lan Lu still whispered in her ears saying, “That place is too tight, almost making me and Di crazy, so we…”

“Shut up!” Lan Jing Yi said, having enough.

Na Lan Lu saw her reddened face with anger and annoyance, his smile widened. Na Lan Di came in, wearing a well-designed black school uniform and a hand-holding backpack of the same color. His thin short hair and handsome face made him look really attractive. Who knew how many girls would be attracted to him and how many hearts would break into the glass.

He looked really different from when he was naked, making Lan Jing Yi doubt if they were the same person.

“Lu, I have to go to school, I’m going to take her on the way. You can stay at home. Na Lan Di fiercely took Lan Jing Yi’s hand, making her stumble. She huffed, gasping for air.

‘Di, you’re so harsh. You must be nice to our ‘baby,’ her body is really weak. We’ve played with her for three days straight, and don’t forget that you are her first man. She [that place] is already swollen, how could she have the energy to walk?

Na Lan Di smirked crookedly, looked at her, and said, “If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would’ve forgotten.” He grabbed the blushing Lan Jing Yi from Na Lan Lu’s hand and said, “To our woman, you must make sure that you are wholesome, or else we won’t pity you. If you can’t satisfy the both of us, your outcome will be despicable.” Lan Jing Yi trembled. Her whole body was picked up by Na Lan Di, he kicked the door and left.

“Put me down, I can walk,” Lan Jing Yi struggled. Maiden Chen was cleaning up the living room, she saw them off, her face calm without surprise as if she was familiar with such scenes. An urge of intimidation spread from Lan Jing Yi’s heart.

“Let me go.”

“Shut up,” the boy scowled. Lan Jing Yi was shocked by his strict sight. Na Lan Di opened the car door with one hand and tossed her in fiercely, then got in from the other side of the car.

The engine started and drove on the highway steadily.

A complete silence inside the car. Na Lan Lu familiarly drove the car and his good-looking and cold face never looked at her even once, as if no one was next to him.

Lan Jing Yi bit her lips, trying her best to shrink upward. She didn’t know why she was so scared of him, her body was trembling naturally every time she saw him. She was never afraid of her students before, even though they had a wealthy family or a muscular body But now, she was scared of the young men in front of her.

The car drove through the gates of Lan Shan Academy and stopped on a broad path. Na Lan Lu put the flame out, still not talking. Lan Jing Yi picked up her papers and looked at him timidly and said, “I-I’m going to class.” She turned sideways, opened the door, and prepared to get off.

A hand grabbed onto her tightly, the car door was locked and Lan Jing Yi’s got dragged towards Na Lan Di. He pinched her chin, biting her lips in big bites, causing Lan Jing Yi to groan.

His other hand entered under her jacket without her permission, grabbing onto her breasts that were covered by a bra.

“Ah…don’t,” she turned her face to him Na Lan Di grabbed onto her face again and kissed her aggressively. His wide arm reached on top of her breast, fiercely grabbing her hardened nipple.
“Ah..” she almost cried from the pain, but her screams were forced back by Na Lan Di. He let go of her, helped her redress, and fixed her hair then got a lip balm from the bag behind him.

“Look up,” he said.

She glanced at him and raised her head, her eyelashes still fluttering.

Na Lan Lu rubbed the lip balm on her lips and patted her cheeks. He handed her the bag and asked, “Do you know what to do after class?”

Lan Jing Yi nodded.

“The orphanage and the pictures…”

Lan Jing Yi jumped, and abruptly nodded while saying, “I got it.”

A smile finally appeared on his ice-cold face. The school badge on his chest shined and Lan Jing Yi saw the words carved on it “Feng Ya Nobel Academy.”

“You can leave,” he looked at her.

Lan Jing Yi picked up her bag, got out of the car, and closed the car door. Locking that ice-cold face inside, hoping that she’ll never see it again.

Her leg was weak and almost fell. Achy pain came from the lower half of her body. She bit her lips, trying to hold her body together, and walked forward in long steps Unfortunately, her footsteps were not stable, so she couldn’t walk fast.

The sound of the engine hadn’t started, so he was still there. Lan Jing Yi could feel someone staring from behind her. She clenched her fist and walked faster.

“Baam,” she fell, hitting someone. She lifted her head and used the bag to cover her face and just walked the other way.

“Wait,” the man he hit called out. “Are you… Miss Lan?”

Lan Jing Yi’s face wrinkled, she turned around and pulled on her smiling face, bowed down, and said, “Greetings, Principle.”

“Hehe, so it was Miss Lan. No wonder I thought you were so familiar,” the principal said while smiling. He still looked at her and said, “Miss Lan, you’re so beautiful in that dress, I almost wasn’t able to recognize you. Oh, right, have you recovered?”

“Recover?” Lan Jing Yi frowned, immediately understood, and said, “Oh, right, sorry for making you worry.”

“All right, all right, if you still haven’t come, the freshman (third class) will explode. What a headache. I heard that Miss Lan was an orphan, why did you say that the man who helped report your absence said you were his paternal uncle or maternal uncle?

“Oh.,” Lan Jing Yi nodded and her brain quickly responded and said, “That’s a far relative that I’ve got in contact with after graduation.”

The principal nodded. “It’s best if you have some relatives, so you won’t make the others worry. Oh, right, is he your maternal uncle or paternal uncle?”

Lan Jing Yi got a light headache and said, “It-it’s my first cousin.” Those two jerks have taken advantage again.

The principal nodded and patted her shoulder and said a few words of encouragement. After chatting with the annoying talkative principal for a while, she entered the building.

She looked out from the second-floor window and saw Na Lan Di’s red-colored car heading toward the outside of school. She sighed, turned around, and entered the freshman (third class).

“Greetings, teacher,” the students said in sync, standing up.

Lan Jing Yi gestured for them to sit down, but none of them sat. They all looked at her and a wow sound spread throughout the classroom.

“What’s wrong?” Lan Jing Yi said while looking at herself.

‘Is this Miss Lan? Can it be Miss Lan’s sister?”

“Miss Lan is so pretty today.”

The naughty boys were all gossiping.

Lan Jing Yi’s face reddened and cleared her throat saying, “All right, let’s start class. I’ve been sick in the last few days, so I’ll find time to make it up for everyone. I will tell you when it’s time for the make-up.

“I heard from the principal that our freshman class three has been quite problematic in the days I wasn’t here, Niu Da Qi!”

A tall boy stood up, scratched his head, winked, and said, “Teacher, you’re wrong, I’ve been really obedient these few days. Ask the council representative if you don’t believe me.”
Lan Jing Yi smiled while saying, “Take a seat, I didn’t say that you were horsing around. Aren’t you exposing yourself more by protesting your innocence? All right, I’ll ask Xiao Ying for evidence.” then looked at the council representative, Xiao Ying.

She spotted an empty desk, her smile stiffened, and said, “Yu Bei, is Lan Hong not in the class today?”

Class President Yu Bei responded, “He hasn’t reported his absence to me.”

Lan Jing Yi looked at that sport and heard Xiao Ying say, “He hasn’t come for three days.” She paused and added, “He didn’t come for three days without you here.

Lan Jing Yi nodded and replied, “Alright, let’s get started.”
Lan Hong is a new transfer student that she’s not familiar with. Intuitively, she feels that the boy’s personality is weird.

That day, Niu Da Qi and a few other boys in the class got into a fight with the boys in the other class. They injured one of the boys and got found out by the principal, which was given to her.

She took over the freshman third class for less than a year. When she was taking over, it was a horrible class, no teacher was willing to take it. Finally, the principal gave this disaster to the school’s youngest teacher, which was her.

Lan Shan Academy is a famous private academy, all the students here have special backgrounds. As for the freshman third-year class, it holds the most special kids. All the kids’ family backgrounds are special, they’re either related to the economical-society, black-society, or white-society.

These kids were all born with a golden spoon, cherished by many hands. How can they follow anyone’s rules?

And these teachers only have the title of a teacher. In other words, they are part of the ordinary society class outside this academy. Who is willing to provoke their parents just to teach these kids?

Lan Jing Yi, on the other hand, is very different. This could be because of her young age, thoughtlessness, and pureness. Towards these students, she sees them as the same. She thinks they’re all ordinary students without the views of the outer world. To them, she’ll use her true heart. She will get angry, cry, smile, and hit them.

But this type of Lan Jing Yi surprisingly gained the liking of the students. Ever since she took over, the freshman class three gradually became like other classes.

Niu Da Qi has a really big background, it’s claimed that he’s the son of a gangster. All the teachers and even the principal stayed away from him. Niu Da Qi also got members and became another gangster. He brings his gang to fights, causing the principal to get self-conflicted, but he couldn’t do much about it.

Ever since Lan Jing Yi took over the freshman class three, Niu Da Qi’s fights gradually decreased, but it still happens once in a while.

That day, Lan Jing Yi called Niu Da Qi and the others to the stairways for punishment, She scolded Niu Da Qi holding the teaching stick. Even though she has strict facial expressions and the stick, it didn’t have much effect because of the comparison of her petite body to his strong body.

Also, Niu Da Qi doesn’t seem to follow morals. Though he is lowering his head, he’s still glaring at her. Lan Jing Yi started to shout. Her angry face looked pretty scary, she knows that Niu Da Qi is scared…

Niu Da Qi’s eyebrow jumped up as she shouted. In the end, it gradually lowered. Lan Jing Yi smiled in her heart, but she still pretended to be angry and shouting.

This time, the principal came by and called Miss Lan. His facial expression was really strange. He has never seen Niu Da Qi in such a state, reflecting upon himself. He was also surprised and worried seeing the threatening Lan, Jing Yi.

He stood behind her for five minutes, listening to Lan Jing Yi’s scolding towards Niu Da Qi. His heart almost popped out, but that aggressive Niu Da Qi hasn’t made a sound, what a phenomenon!


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Chapter 3