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“I want her!” Na Lan Di’s pupils looked coldly. He moved the mouse and the image on the computer froze. Looking like wolves, four eyes stared at the naked woman on the screen.

On the second day, Lan Jing Yi came punctually to Yi Lan Bungalow. She lightly knocked on the door and entered after getting consent. Na Lan Lu was still sitting in front of the desk and turned his head after hearing the sounds of her footsteps.

“Na Lan Lu, can we get started?” she smiled kindly towards the boy while talking briskly. Today, she still wore her regular tied bun and white skirt, but the style was a little old.

The boy’s hair was not tied up, strands of blonde locks scattered on his shoulder. His lofty body is still wearing a casual T-shirt and pants, making him extremely handsome. His sharp eyes stayed on her, glistening like glaciers, the same with his face.

Lan Jing Yi was dumbstruck. She believes that the Na Lan Lu in front of her seemed weird, and something seemed off… But she did not give much thought, opened her textbook, and asked, “Where did we leave off yesterday?”

On the boy’s lips appeared a cool smile, he reached out and passed the top of Lan Jing Yi’s head. Before she noticed, the hair clip from the back of her head dropped.

Without the hair clip, her dark hair dropped down like water. When he pulled back his hand and took the glasses planted on the bridge of her nose; with his other hand, he lifted her chin, making her face look upwards. Her face looked a few years younger after taking off her glasses and scattering her hair.

She looked around the age of twenty-three with her small oval face, suet-like skin, clean monolid, and plumped lips. Though her appearance doesn’t match the category of beautiful, she is very attractive because of her pureness, and could easily gain one’s favor.

The boy’s lips curved and said, “You look much better now.” While speaking, he threw the thing in his hand into the trashcan next to the corner of the room. Lan Jing Yi opened her mouth partly. She couldn’t make clear Na Lan Lu’s facial expression, as her heart got substituted with shock.
“N-na Lan Lu, w-what are you doing?” her voice was filled with uncertainty and shock.

The boy ignored her question, moved his hand from her chin to the back, grabbed onto a lock of her dark black hair, and violently pulled it to the back. Lan Jing Yi’s face completely faced back. His body followed her, and he forcefully kissed her mouth.

Lan Jing Yi was completely dumbfounded and still didn’t seem to understand the current situation. Uh-ah she called, both hands hitting the body squeezed onto her.

The skin on top of her head started to tingle, her mouth was violently ravaged, and pain started to spread to her lips. After a second, he let go of her. Without thought, Lan Jing Yi slapped him.

A slender hand grabbed onto her thin wrist. Lan Jing Yi raised her other arm, but it was also blocked by him, both folded behind her back.

“Let me go, Na Lan Lu! I am your teacher, how could you do this to me?”

“Teacher? “ he laughed. “You aren’t my teacher, you’re his.”

Lan Jing Yi lifted her head. The bathroom door opened and out came a boy. The top half of his body is naked, his bottom half was only hidden by a towel. His golden locks rested upon his shoulder, and appeared a handsome face, with pupils as gentle as the moon.

“Na Lan Lu?” Lan Jing Yi turned her head and saw the same face as if they were of the same origin, but the face in front of her was not as ghastly as Na Lan Lu’s. He has the same kind of handsomeness but also mixed with coldness from his matureness.

He was not Na Lan Lu, the one who walked in was. Lan Jing Yi tilted her body and asked, “Na Lan Lu, who is he? How could he be so rude? Quickly tell him to get off of me.”

Na Lan Lu slowly walked in, with his unscrupulous eyes set on her.

“That’s my twin brother, Na Lan Di.”

“So that’s it. Quickly let go of me, I am Na Lan Lu’s teacher.”

The two boys looked at each other and laughed, Na Lan Di said, “Since you’re washed up, I’ll leave her to you. I want to go too.”

“Alright,” Na Lan Lu grinned. Na Lan Di let go and walked towards the bathroom. The air was a little oppressive, the boy’s breathing was clear and audible. Na Lan Lu stood there looking at her. His handsomeness was like an angel’s, his angelic pupils turned seducingly, shining a strange streak of light.

“I’ve got something on my plans today, I’ll come back next week.” Lan Jing Yi stood up, snatched the papers on the desk, and hurriedly turned around to leave. How could she leave? A pair of long arms grabbed on to her from behind.

She shockingly screamed, as she got picked up and tossed violently on the soft bed. The bed was humongous and could fit four people. It had copper pillars and black sheets embroidered with red roses.

Lan Jing Yi got up quickly, she attempted to leave but a pair of big hands grabbed on to her. She fearfully looked at him.
“Na Lan Lu… what are you doing?”

“You’ll know soon.”

Na Lan Lu’s hand caressed her soft face.

“Do you know what you are doing? Let go of me, I’ll pretend nothing happened and not tell your parents.”

“Pfft,” Na Lan Lu laughed. “Your ignorance makes you really cute, no wonder Di wants you.”

Lan Jing Yi’s face abruptly reddened, “You are doing bad things. You both are only sixteen, still not adults yet, and I’m your teacher, your elderly. You should respect me and not harass me, stop quickly. This is not a good act.”

“Do we really look like sixteen-year-olds?” a deep voice sounded. Na Lan Di got out. His original blonde hair got replaced and is now covered with thin black. He is still wetted with water droplets. He is half-naked, his lower body is only covered by a white towel. His blue pupils looked at Lan Jing Yi and his lips corruptly grinned.

Lan Jing Yi shivered, she can feel them dangerously coming forward. They honestly do not look like sixteen-year-olds because of their tall height, handsomeness, abnormal strength, and fit body. Their personalities are irregular, and it’s impossible to tell their expression from their flawless cheeks, making them more mature than normal children of their age.

What should she do? How could she save herself? She kept thinking, but she didn’t know that the beasts were already hunting her down. She’s only a small white rabbit, how could she escape the jaws of two big wolves that are filled with the desire to hunt?

“Lu, don’t listen to her rubbish, I think her Occupational disease is really severe, making her not cute. How dare she look down upon us and say we aren’t adults? Hah, so funny she probably hasn’t been touched by a real man. There are too many words coming out of her small mouth now, I have always not liked talkative women. I’ll have her be unable to speak in a bit.

After being said, the two boys dropped the towel around their waist, exposing their two naked and seductive bodies. The thing in between their legs has already been straightened from desire, as if two long pythons, highly raising their heads, and getting into position.

This is the first time Lan Jing Yi looked at a naked man in twenty-eight years. Though she already was a mature woman and knows that males and females have different body organs, she never knew that the snake-like organism was so ugly, scary, and huge. She closed her eyes, straightened up, wanting to escape.

“Lu, catch her.” Before the words came out of his mouth, Na Lan Lu had already caught her like a chick and tossed her on the bed. Four hands distributed and held down her two arms and two legs. Lan Jing Yi found herself locked in iron rings after hearing click-clack sounds. The iron chains that are connected to the iron rings are embedded on the four copper pillars of the bed. She humiliatingly laid on the huge bed, unable to move.

“Let go, I beg of you. You can’t do this…”

The two faces with the exact handsome appearance appeared. They were still that young and charming, the type that makes people unable to move their eyeballs away. But now, their four pupils are filled with evil and desire, just like the eyes of wolves, making her tremble.

“Teacher, I’ll be nice if you are obedient.” Na Lan Lu’s slim hands touched her ruddy lips, sketching gently.

“Right, it’s your pleasure for us to be able to find you. Both of us will make you feel pleased and beg for us to go on you in a while. Just be obedient, else you’ll die a tragic death.” The cool voice mixed with laughter came out from Na Lan Di’s mouth. He lowered his body, placing his slim fingers on her delicate and white neck, giving her a sexual itch for the first time.

“Let go… This is illegal…. I will sue you…” she said while gasping for air.

The two males looked at each other, and with synchronized voices said, “You can sue me if you have the ability, we will help you pay the fee but the authorities have got to their spot with the help of the Na Lan Family, so what will he do? Will he counterclaim that you’re seducing young males?” A sexual laugh came from both of their mouths.

“You guys… despicable…”

Na Lan Lu picked up a towel but got stopped by Na Lan Di, “Lu, I didn’t know your teacher’s mouth was so unforgiving. Don’t shut her mouth, let’s see if she can still curse in a moment. Don’t you also like the light moans from women when she’s in comfort?”

Na Lan Lu darkly smiled, threw the towel, and lied down on his side. The two tall naked men both lied down on his side towards Lan Jing Yi, tightly gripping her. Lan Jing Yi’s struggling, but the rings were tightly grasped upon her ankles and wrists. They tightly pressed on to her snow-white skin, imprinting a streak of red. The more she struggled, the more pain passed on to her ankles and wrists.

They reached out their hands and pulled up her white skirt to her waist, exposing her white underwear. Both of them laughed again, and one of them said, “Even the underwear is so old fashioned,” causing Lan Jing Yi’s face to redden up again.

She’s not used to cursing, and she doesn’t know how to curse at others, so she just turned her body and mumbled some words. She hated herself for not having anything to say other than “despicable.” The way she says things are still like the tone of a teacher scolding a student for doing something wrong.

But, the movement of her body only increased the desire of the boys. Their two dicks tightly rubbed against her leg. A whiff of heat from the dicks transferred to her naked skin.

The young boys’ breaths were filled with desire, which changed into a sensual atmosphere. Two hands, one right and one left, entered from below the dress of her waist, slowly climbing up to her abundant boobs.

“Ah,” Lan Jing Yi hopelessly yelled. Two large hands seemed to both be able to grab on to her entire boob. They both started to lightly rub it above the fabric, and their slow movement changed to violent. The compacted bra loosened because of their movement and exposed her snow-white skin.

Lan Jing Yi’s body shook from their potent power. Her throat was hoarse, and her voice was unstable from the vigorous movement.

She never allowed others to touch her breast, but two strong males are now ravaging it. The perfect shaped breasts are now rubbed into different shapes. She was in fear and scared, but a type of unbearable happiness and excitement flowed around her body.

She humiliatingly bit her lips and was surprised by the feeling of happiness from the pain. She bit herself harder, looking down upon herself for being able to have that feeling from being sexually harassed by children that could call her aunty.

Na Lan Lu’s hand secretly dug in from her bra, the hotness of his palm intimately covered her softness. He used his index finger to twirl the tip of her breast. The cherry breast was already erected and became harder under his fingertips.

He satisfyingly smiled, and whispered, “You hoe.” He then turned his hand upside down, using his index finger and middle finger to clasp around the bean-hard nipple and jerked it.

On the other side, Na Lan Di used his hand to push the bra towards her collarbone, exposing two trembling rabbits naked before their eyes. She heard Na Lan Lu sigh, his pupil color deepened, lowered his head, and sucked the sensitive and erected boob. He lightly bit it with saliva, while using his big hand to grab on the remaining part of the boob.

Lan Jing Yi trembled, and unknowingly crunched up. Raising both snow-white boobs into their mouths and hands.

“No, please..” Her throat could hardly make a sound. Waves of water passed down her body, and she started to lose consciousness.

Both boys were gentle on the start, but her bountiful boobs are just calling for them to ravage. Their movement slowly became violent, leaving ravage marks on the soft white breasts. Everywhere was placed with bruises from teeth marks and red flick marks.

Na Lan Di let go of her nipples, lightly bit the edge of her dress and tore it with his teeth. Lan Jing Yi’s white dress was split apart from the middle and got tossed on the floor by Na Lan Lu, along with her bra.

Lan Jing Yi’s body was now only left with small underwear. Her snow-white skin was locked onto the black colored bed. The black color of the bed contrasts her snow-white skin, stimulating the spectators. She was like a pure gift sacrifice on the sacrifice altar, only obeying the priest.

Na Lan Lu lowered his body, using both hands, and held her two boobs with both of his hands, repeatedly rubbing them. His hot lips did not let her go and kept on biting her chest and lower abdomen.

Na Lan Di ripped her remaining obstacle, the small underwear. Her upper body was attacked by Na Lan Lu, and Lan Jing Yi was already feeling dizzy, now she can sensitively feel her remaining part being attacked.

The woman’s most secretive part was shown in front of a masculine stranger. At the same time, the boy was excitedly looking at her private part.

Lan Jing Yi’s body tightened, she naturally wanted to clasp her legs together but her legs were chained by iron cuffs. Other than being able to move a bit towards the left and the right, she was forced to stay still. She moved her body, moaning sounds came out from her throat, anger and intimidation made her face look as red as a peach.

Na Lan Lu had already jumped up and came to the side of her feet. Two naked boys stared at the secret garden in the middle of her two legs. Their eyes were shining and filled with sexual desires.

One person reached out his hand and pressed upon her legs, making her legs spread wider, completely exposing her private part in front of them. Lan Jing Yi kicked both of her legs, but nothing changed, they could not move at all.

Na Lan Di’s cold pupils looked darker, he grinned and said, “Not bad, it’s light pink, could be considered as premium quality.’

Na Lan Lu agreed, reaching out his index finger and lightly tugged the small labia, which was responded by her trembling.

“Not only premium quality, but also really sexy.” After he said that, both of them laughed.

“Di,” Na Lan Lu gave him a sign, which was acknowledged by Na Lan Di. He pushed Lan Jing Yi’s legs apart with all his efforts, which opened her private part. Na Lan Lu picked up the phone from the desk, kneeled, and took pictures of the middle of her legs. After taking them, he then took pictures of her whole body, followed by pictures focused on her boobs.

“No, I beg of you…” Lan Jing Yi’s attractive pupils looked down. Na Lan Lu attractively smiled towards her and continued to take pictures.

In the meantime, Na Lan Di reached his hands out to her legs and used his slim fingers to open the outer labia, lightly rubbing on her clitoris. Soft moans came from Lan Jing Yi’s mouth and her snow-white body moved painfully like a snake.

Her body’s hidden desire was lightened, but it was forced down upon her intellect. She tightly bit her lips and used her remaining mental intellect to fight off her natural desire.

The small clitoris in his hand was erected, and clumps flowed in her virgin vagina. The finger moved along the trail of her petal a few times and stopped at her small wet hole. The small wet hole was like a crystal cave, and a substance was currently secreting out of it.

Na Lan Di grinned, showing his satisfaction towards her reaction. His middle finger of his left hand blocked the entrance of the hole, and lightly explored the inside.

“She was already wet,” he said while turning his head towards Na Lan Lu. Na Lan Lu’s naked body is seated on the sofa, taking out his phone to take their pictures.

While talking, that slim hand’s thick index finger went halfway inside. It was really tight. He winced. No one has touched the private part, so it sensitively shrunk while a foreign thing entered, trying to get the foreign thing out. Lan Jing Yi shook her head and murmured, “Don’t, I beg of you…” She knows that this was her last resort and that she was unable to guard it.

The light moans and shrinking of the small hole stimulated the male, even more, making his desire fiery. His index finger furiously poked inside and completely disappeared. Lan Jing Yi moaned heavily and her body lifted higher, trembling as someone entered her private part, and it tightly gripped on to the finger.

Her hole was so small and wet, twitching the surrounded finger. Lan Jing Yi’s small hole continued to tightly minimize, repelling and absorbing, the woman’s jumble of moans echoed in the air.

This type of moaning only makes a man want to furiously ravage her.” Na Lan Lu grabbed the phone and pressed the video option. Lan Jing Yi blushed and bit her lips, but the waves of attack from her lower body made her lose her train of thought.

Na Lan Di took his finger out, quickly unlocked the iron cuffs around her ankle, and lifted Lan Jing Yi’s legs. He then lowered his body towards her, making her unable to think about anything else.

“No, don’t: Lan Jing Yi looked at him, crying pitifully.

“You’ll beg me for more later.” Na Lan Lu’s eyebrow raised, straightened his body, and poked. Her vagina was too tight and he got blocked by a foreign object while poking through halfway. He winced. His eyes brightened as he saw her painfully lift her head.

He tried again, this time a bit harder. His abundant dick went in and the atmosphere changed as the woman painfully screamed. An aura of blood floated around the air.

The tightened vagina tightly grasped the big genital, stimulating the man’s nerves. Na Lan Lu grabbed onto her butt and began to crazily jerk.

Lan Jing Yi could feel a stroke of sharp pain. Her body tightly repelled him from entering.

His strong desire won her and started to penetrate recklessly, not giving her any time to breathe. She felt helpless as his cock jerked each time, and strokes of pain attacked her.



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