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Escape From The Triplets Chapter 12

All chapters are in Escape From The Triplets
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“Teacher, do you care about my misunderstanding?” Lan Si rose and walked away from Lan Jing Yi, leaving her standing alone on the grassy hill.
After this, Lan Si did not appear in class again. Lan Jing Yi felt a slight worry. She walked out of her office emotionlessly. She turned around after hearing someone call after her. The person who called her was the class president, Yu Bei.
“Yu Bei, is anything the matter?”

“N-nothing, Miss Yi.” The boy who stood in front of her blushed.
Yu Bei was never like this, causing Lan Jing Yi to feel a little concerned. “Yu Bei, had Lan Si not come to class the whole day?”
“Yes,” Yu Bei nodded in unity. “Is Ms.Yi worried about him?
“Yes. I’m afraid that will interfere with his studies. As class president, you should pay some attention to him.”
“Yes, I will. Ms. Yi, Lan Si hardly interacts with other students, but I will try.” Yu Bei said earnestly.

Lan Jing Yi nodded. “Alright, go home early if nothing is going on. See you tomorrow.”
“Ms.Yi…”Yu Bei hesitated.
Lan Jing Yi came to an abrupt stop and turned around, “Anything else?”

“Recently, you seem pretty pull down. We’re all really worried.” He took out a pretty box from his bag when he finished his sentence. “This is an egg cake made by my mom. It’s nutritious and a token of her regard. Please take it.”
Lan Jing Yi felt a little warmth flood inside her body. “Tell your mom thank you and do not take so much trouble next time, as I’ll feel ill-as-eased. I’ll take it this time.” She looked down and took a sniff, “Hmm. Such a sweet aroma. Thank you, Yu Bei.”
Lan Jing Yi left the campus and immediately spotted a red sports car from afar. The door of the sports car opened as she walked up to the sidewalk as if waiting for her to jump on. She saw Na Lan Di in the driver’s seat. His thin hair was relatively short. He still wore the black-colored school uniform from the morning. His eyes sparkled, reflecting her movement.
Bam! The door shut and inside the car was a confined and secretive space. The tension arose as each second passed. Lan Jing Yi gripped onto her leather bag. Didn’t Na Lan Lu promise to pick her up? Why is Na Lan Di here?
“Where is Na Lan Lu? She asked.
“Do you miss him?” Na Lan Di frowned.
“Are you disappointed that I was the one who picked you up?” Na Lan Di squeezed her chin with his index finger and thumb, forcing her to look into his eyes.
“No.” Lan Jing Yi looked down with her eyes. His gaze was sharp and gave her a cold feeling.

The boy’s gaze moved to the box in her hands. “What’s that?” He took the box into his hands and looked at it with interest.
“It’s an egg cake given by a student. It’s just a token of regard.” Lan Jing Yi explained.
“Do boys know how to make these?” Na Lan Di sneered.
“It’s made by his mom.” Lan Jing said with no temptation after seeing the expression on his face.
Na Lan Di rolled the window down and tossed the box out. The box landed with a loud thud. “Don’t ever receive any man’s gift!” He demanded.
“You… Why did you toss it away? That’s mine! It’s a token of regard from my student.” Lan Jing Yi reasoned. She was too angry to mind the result of what will happen next.

Surprisingly, Na Lan Di responded normally to her rant. He only tilted his face and gazed upon the broken box. The box was smashed flat and the cake turned into something similar to a pile of flour. A white edge poked out from under the cake.
“Miss, can you pick that up for me?” Na Lan Di said to a female student passing by. His tone was demanding and there was no smile on his face.

“Sure!” The woman replied happily. She looked shy and honored. She picked up the letter and handed it to Na Lan Di. Her gaze fell on the girl next to him, Lan Jing Yi. Her eyes flamed with envy and Lan Jing Yi saw it as she shifted position.
“Thank you.” Na Lan Di grinned, rolled up the window, not giving a damn about the girl outside, still staring at him in admiration.
Lan Jing Yi was surprised that a letter was inside the box. Na Lan Di ripped the letter envelope and took out the thin sheet.
“Miss Yi, I like you… Yu Bei.”Na Lan Di recited Yu Bei’s name playfully. Lan Jing Yi felt a cold chill and looked at Na Lan Di, who now looked like a graceful jaguar. His pupils sharpened and his voice softened, acting harmless, but also giving a powerful aura.
Why would Yu Bei write this to her? Lan Jing Yi was shocked. But she could also step into his shoes, “Yu Bei is our class’ class president. He has strong leadership skills. He must’ve written this letter without thinking it through. I will find time to counsel him.
‘Find time to counsel him?” Na Lan Di chuckled again, Lan Jing Yi felt goosebumps under her skin. “My baby is so pure, and it drives me mad. Do you know what a guy will think when you talk sense to him? He’ll only want to fuck you. This Yu Bei is no exception.”
“That’s only what you think…” Lan Jing Yi argued. She shut up after seeing Lan Jing Yi’s pupils darkened. The red vehicle roomed and was out of sight from the school campus. Lan Jing Yi was unprepared and fell onto the car seat.
The car stopped abruptly by the driveway. Lan Jing Yi was pushed down beneath the teen before she got the chance to sit up. Their position looked odd. Lan Jing Yi took a breath of his pleasant-smelling cologne. Na Lan Di’s face was so close to her and looked so attractive…What was she thinking? She tried to snap back to reality.

But what a beautiful boy. His skin was a healthy wheat color; his eyelashes were long. She marveled at his perfection. Then he, who is wearing a school uniform was just like a great boy that could steal everyone’s heart, but in her eyes, he was the most terrifying monster.
Na Lan Di grabbed a handful of her hand and pulled it in the direction behind her head, making her face fully appear before his eyes. “Babe, since when did you learn to talk back?”
Lan Jing Yi shook her head. She could feel a sense of danger. “I’m not. I was trying to say that Yu Bei was a good student…”
“Shut up!” Na Lan Di bellowed. His handsome face lost its calmness and was replaced with a mad red. He was rarely this angry. “You’re still defending him, huh? I see that you want to lose your life.”
Lan Jing Yi was scared to death.
“You must’ve seduced him, else he wouldn’t have written you the letter. You must’ve teased the innocent and young teen. Lu and I would not have let you out if we knew you were such a slut.”
“No… that’s not it.”

“I forgot that you were born with the body of a tramp. You’d seduce a bunch of men wherever you go. Lu and I don’t want to be cheated on.”
“Stop talking. I am not.” Lan Jing Yi started tearing up. No one ever said that to her.
“You still don’t want to admit it?” The teen stopped talking and sat back on his seat after seeing her black eyes fill up with tears. “Don’t start believing that you can use tears as a weapon. I’ll finish where we left off after we go back.”
Na Lan Di stopped looking at her as if she didn’t exist. The speed of the car was rapid but surprisingly steady. The side view of his face under the light of the sunset looked like a carved statue.
Lan Jing Yi scooted to a corner and her tears soundlessly dripped down her cheeks.
“Miss Yi, you’ve returned!” The door opened and Na Lan Lu appeared in front of the door. A bright smile appeared on his face. His eyes widened as he saw Lan Jing Yi hide behind Na Lan Di and tears coming from her eyes. “What’s wrong, Miss Yi? Did Di bully you again? I said I’ll pick you up, but big brother persisted on going.”

“Take a look at yourself.” Na Lan Di tossed the white sheet of paper to him and entered the changing room.
“A love letter?” Lan Jing Yi saw Na Lan Lu’s eyes sharpen. Her heart started racing. Unexpectedly, Na Lan Di only walked towards her and his beautiful smile reappeared on his face again. “It’s only a love letter, there’s nothing to make a fuss about.”
Lan Jing Yi sobbed again after hearing what he just said. “There, there. Don’t stress.” Na Lan Lu pulled her closer to him and gently patted her as if she was a child. Her head relaxed onto his chest and she could hear the sound and pace of his heartbeat. His long fingers combed her hair, giving her a great feeling.
Lan Jing Yi was embraced by his warm hug. No matter who the person was, she just wanted a hug and cry.

Na Lan Di changed into casual pajamas. It was pure white, and fit him amazingly. His hair was messy and droplets of water dripped down. He just took a shower. Droplets of water stuck to his face, giving him a sexy look.
He saw his brother and Lan Jing Yi embracing.
“Na Lan Lu held out a finger, “If someone wrote a love letter to our teacher, it means she has great charisma. How can our woman have no admirers? Wouldn’t that mean we have bad taste in women?”

Na Lan Di shot him a look. He lit a cigarette and the smell of tobacco lingered in the air.

Lan Jing Yi was giving Na Lan Lu a lecture. He suddenly became eager to learn today and said that he would pick up all the previous lessons he left behind. Lan Jingyi found out that Na Lan Lu was a very bright student if he was more serious. For many of the questions, he’ll immediately understand after a bit of guidance.
She put on a serious face and they went over more problems together. It was like they were in Lan Shan Academy and Lan Jing Yi still had her honor as a teacher. Every time she starts teaching, she’ll forget all of her other identities, other than her being a teacher.

Na Lan Lu stared at her with his amber-shaped eyes.

At the door, a handsome teen wearing white appeared. He had an empty face and his pupils took in everything in the room.
The girl didn’t realize he was coming near. The light was beaming on her face and she only saw her “student.” When the boy’s cold hands reached on top of her bra that covered her perfectly round-shaped breast, she moaned.
“Miss.Yi, what’s wrong?” Na Lan Lu looked at her wide-eyed. “I feel like I should be an obedient student today. Hehe. So, please don’t ruin my mood.”
“Umm… How should I solve this problem?” Na Lan Lu tapped on the book a few times.
Separated by the bra, the boy’s hand started rubbing onto the woman’s boob. Cold air blew inside the clothes and the woman’s nipples were erected before there was any intense movement. The hand that was roughly gripped onto the softball felt the pink tip get harder.
“You strumpet.” The boy’s lip let out a moan of satisfaction. He looked down, ripped her bra, and dug his head between her chest.

“Miss Yi, what’s wrong?” Na Lan Lu protested like a kid.
“This problem is very simple. You just have to change… Ah~~” Her body was not under her command. A wave of numbness spread across her body, starting from her nipples. Now, she felt the boy in front of her bite it with his teeth.
Pain and satisfaction electrified every part of her. Her body realistically reflected this shebang more than her soul.
The cold lips opened and the warm air inside it blew onto her skin. The lips surrounded the hard nipple and sucked on it, then pulled on it. Lan Jing Yi could feel herself floating. It was like her body didn’t exist. The bud-shaped nipples were enduring the most brutal lust, and she had to act like she didn’t enjoy it.
“Ah~No~ Na Lan Di~ Ah~” Lan Jing Yi tilted her head back instinctively. Her boobs were bouncing up and down like the movement of bunnies. Na Lan Di let go and pinched the nipples. He then stretched it out.
Lan Jing Yi arched back, almost into a bridge. Her right nipples were hard and wet from saliva. It shone bright red and was reflecting its utmost desire. It seems to be wanting to jump out to give the man an invitation to have a taste.

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Chapter 12