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At the highway intersection, the red sports car sped up and stopped in front of the blue sports car.

“Di, what are you doing? Let’s head to our own paths. You can go to your school, and I will give a ride to our teacher.” Na Lan Lu said protestingly.

Na Lan Di snorted and leaned back relaxingly. A pair of cold eyes went in Lan Jing Yi’s direction. Lan Jing Yi trembled. Na Lan Di chuckled, showing a smile that doesn’t give off any warmth.

Na Lan Di signaled Lan Jing Yi to come over with his finger. Lan Jing Yi looked at Na Lan Lu, who gave her a shrug in response. “ “Teacher, my elder brother can’t hold it back anymore. Go check him out.” He opened the car door.

Lan Jing Yi got out of the car and Na Lan Di pulled her inside his car. He sealed his mouth with a kiss.

“Uh” Lan Jing Yi didn’t even have the chance to manage a moan. A long french kiss with fury and blood met her and the cold lips of the teenager explored deeply. Na Lan Di’s long fingers dug inside her hair. Lan Jing Yi felt like her scalp was going to be ripped out.
Na Lan Di finally let go of her. Out of energy, she can only lay down on him and gasp for air. Na Lan Di combed her messy hair of his doing and breathed into her ear, “I really want to know how it feels like to fuck you in the car.” He looked down and smiled slightly after seeing Lan Jing Yi tremble again. His dark pupils showed a sense of happiness.

“Are you afraid? Am I that frightening?” His finger stroked her soft cheeks. “I’ll let you go this time.”

Lan Jing Yi’s fingers locked onto each other and her palm started sweating.

“You have to be obedient this time, alright?” His breath blew warmly at her cheeks.

“Okay,” Lan Jing Yi obediently nodded. Na Lan Di seemed to be very satisfied with her actions and kissed her lips like how a dragonfly gently touched the water. “You may leave.”

Na Lan Di waved at them, started the engine, and drove into one of the road intersections.
Lan Jing Yi exhaled.

“Teacher seems to be scared of Di.” Na Lan Lu drove into the other pathway.

“Don’t call me that.” The word teacher seemed like an honor for her before, but now…

“Then what do I call you? Little Yi? A’h yi? Aunty Yi?” Na Lan Lu snickered as he repeated it again. The car bumped as he laughed. “I don’t want to call my chick Aunty. Teacher seems like a better name, right? Teacher?”

“ The sharp pupils turned to her again.” Despite what he said, Lan Jing Yi can’t help but envy his angelic face.

“Drive carefully.” Lan Jing Yi looked away. She can’t possibly connect this face with the devil she has been resisting against. But apparently, they are the same person. A devil that looks like an angel.

“Di is so shameless. I don’t want to be like him and have Teacher be scared of me. I wish for Teacher to look at me as a lover. The most romantic lover.” Though he calls her lover, he says flirtatious things.

Lan Jing Yi looks out the window and tries to forget what he said, but every word that came out of Na Lan Lu’s words slid into her ears. Why haven’t they arrived at school yet? The journey felt so long…

The eye-catching sports car finally drove into the school campus. Na Lan Lu opened the door for her politely.

“I’m going to class. Take a slow drive.” Lan Jing Yi said in a hurry and prepared to leave. An arm took hold of her and pushed her against the tree nearby. Na Lan Lu opened his mouth and gave her a kiss different from Na Lan Di.

This is her school! If the other students see her, she’ll be doomed. “Let go,” she pushed him away, but her objection only led to a deeper kiss.

Finally, he let go of her, and Lan Jing Yi inhaled deeply and jumped away.

Na Lan Lu grinned, “I now feel equal.”

“This is the school! You…” She stopped short, afraid of attracting more attention.

“What if we’re at school? I can do whatever I want with my girl. Who cares?” Na Lan Lu raised his eyebrows.

“I’m going to class.” Lan Jing Yi turned away. She can not reason with this kind of person.

Na Lan Lu blocked her from continuing. The face that was once smiling no longer has an expression of happiness. “Even though I told you to not be afraid of me, it doesn’t mean that I do not have a temper. Have I asked you to leave? Babe?” His voice flowed like a symphony, but felt cold and pricked Lan Jing Yi’s bones. She looked at him and didn’t understand why his temper changed so quickly.

“Class is about to start and I’m going to be late.” She said in a soft voice as if she was misjudged. She then remembered the pictures and videos the boys took and the threat the boys made. She felt scared and harassed.

“I know,” Na Lan Lu held up her face and his eyes softened as if looking at a precious pet. “I only wanted you to give me a kiss before you leave.” He signaled his lips; his movement was sexily attractive.

Na Lan Yi hesitated, looked around, and finally tiptoed and lightly planted a kiss on his lips.

“I’m going to go.” She turned around but met a gloomy set of eyes. Lan Si looked at them from a close distance.
Her face quickly reddened to the color of a tomato. She saw the mocking expression on his face before he turned away and left.
“Who is he?” Na Lan Lu asked.

“I-I don’t know him.” Lan Jing Yi stammered while shaking her head.

Na Lan Lu shrugged, “Next time someone looks at you like that, I’ll dig his eyes out.” Lan Jing Yi trembled.
“Would you like Di or me to pick you up? Lan Jing Yi asked with a relaxing look as if he had said nothing before.
“There’s no need. I…”

“This is a multiple-choice question with no third choice. Do you understand? Teacher?” Though he said the last two words lightly, Lan Jing Yi could sense a threat.

“There’s no need to trouble him.” She didn’t want to choose any of them, but if she had to, she’ll rather have a demon that could smile.

Lan Jing Yi entered the classroom with her head low.

“Wow, the teacher is so pretty!” She was welcomed with exclamations of admiration.

If it was before, Lan Jing Yi would’ve felt really happy with the students’ compliments. But now, she felt upset.

She pretended to look inadvertently at the desk in the last row. Lan Si’s spot was empty.

She cleared her throat, “ Who knows where Lan Si is?”

Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads. Lan Jing Yi felt disappointed. All of a sudden, Xiao Ying stood up and said in a soft voice, “Miss. Yi, I think I saw him at the grassy hill of the school’s forest.”
Lan Jing Yi nodded and started her lesson.

The forest was unusually quiet, but occasionally, the birds would chirp into a single song. The jade grass blew with the direction of the wind, and there laid a teen in a graceful position. The teen sucked onto one of the ends of the strand of grass. He closed his eyes, seeming to have fallen asleep.

There was a rustling sound and a woman was at his side, quietly looking at him.

Lan Jing Yi but her lips. To be honest, she’s afraid that he’ll open his eyes. She doesn’t want to see those cold eyes and the scoffing expression coming off his face. But, this is her responsibility.

“Lan Si.” Something like that always seemed to happen to them. She tries hard to prepare herself.

The teen blinked open his eyes and said, “ Why is the teacher here?”

“You should go back to class, else you’ll have trouble and be left behind.”

Lan Si didn’t say anything. A pair of eyes gazed at her and she turned away. She felt uncomfortable under his gaze.

“You’re such a great teacher.” Lan Si finally spoke. “So great that you’ll tell a white lie to your students. You claim that you’re sick while you were clearly spending time with your boyfriend. You didn’t need to do that. What’s the point of hiding if you got the courage to kiss your boyfriend in public?”

“You have misunderstood.” Lan Jing Yi exclaimed, trying to break off the misunderstanding.

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