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Nalandi extinguished the cigarette, crouched, and lifted Lan Jingyi, forcing her face to look at the mirror, Nalan Lu spread her legs apart and stretched out her fingers into the small vagina that was propped up by the cigarette.

“Ah~~” Lan Jingyi was a little disheveled from the cigarette buried deep in her body. Another finger went inside her vagina and stretched the vagina wider. The fulfillment from her lower body made her instinctively crunch up and moan.

Nalandi pressed her fidgety body and whispered in her ear, “Did you see it, babe, your pussy seems to never be satisfied.”
“Ah~~~” Lan Jing Yi gripped his shoulder and arched her body. Her pink titties were erected and pointy. Nalan fiddled with it for a long time and finally pulled out the wet cigar from the woman’s lower body. “It’s too wet to be lit up. Teacher, you have to be responsible for this. Do you know what a man wants to do the most when he has no cigarettes to smoke? “He leaned over and a strange type of light appeared upon his eyes.

Nalandi picked up Lan Jingyi, and the two men squeezed her in the middle. They stood on opposite sides and rubbed her lower body with their hard, erected dick. They pushed forward and pierced it inside of her.

“No, please, I beg of you! This is so uncomfortable.” Lan Jingyi pushed their bodies away, but it hadn’t helped at all. The dick of the man from behind poked hard on her ass, his hand clasped perfectly upon her boobs. He pinched the tip, and the man in front of her hugged her slender waist. The glans of the penis pressed against the soft vagina and he started to jerk off softly.

“Di, you can take the back. I’ll be at the front,” Nalan Lu signaled to Nalandi with his eyes. Lan Jingyi’s body felt numb and fell to the ground. She knelt on the ground, lifted her pale, frightened face, and toward the two men who looked down at her. “Let me go today. Please. I’m so tired.”

The two boys looked at each other, “Tell us where you are tired.”


“Is it here?” Nalan Lu pointed his finger at the mouth of her vagina hole and gently teased her labia, “Di, we were too harsh. The swelling from the first day has not disappeared and we fucked her another two times today. She really can’t take it anymore.”
Lan Jingyi averted her face in embarrassment. “Is it?” Nalandi asked for assurance. He caught her gaze, and the corners of her lips curled up wickedly. “But she has already baited us and ignited our desire. How can she be irresponsible like that? Since we can’t do it there, I will spare her for today and let her substitute with her hand.” He grabbed her hand and moved it to the massive dick sitting between his crotch. Lan Jingyi was shocked and jumped away embarrassedly.

His black pupils stared at her coldly, “Do you not want to use your hands? Do you prefer vaginal sex?

“No… No. I…”

“No? Then come and take care of it.” Two massive penises appeared in front of her. She hesitantly stretched her hands out. It was so massive! They can hardly fit inside her hands. She felt a wave in her palm as she touched it. The giant thing seems to be living, as it erected and became harder.

The breath of the two boys sped up, stirring the air in the bathroom. They stretched out their hands and grabbed onto her hair. They watched Lan Jingyi’s two small hands hold onto their dark gigantic phalluses and stoke dumbfoundingly. Her boobs in front of her swayed to the rhythm of her movement. Her unskillfulness made them more excited and the dick in her palm increased with size.

‘Babe, go faster. You better help us with our horniness, else…” Their gaze moved down to her lower body. Lan Jingyi speeded up and used all her energy. She never once thought that she would hold the men’s dick buoyantly and try to give them satisfaction with her hands. Worse of all, she is holding one dick per hand and using her own body to serve two youthful sixteen-year-old boys. But she has already fallen into the pit of the abyss, and nothing is in her control.

She had no idea if the other mens’ dicks were as big, hard, and hot as theirs. Their fiery, red tips were always erected and never seemed to soften. They were on her face, her waist, her lower body, and on her naked body. Repeatedly, they erected inside of her hands. And again, her hand has to keep doing that simple action, causing her to be exhausted. She hears the sexy heavy and raspy breaths of the two boys. If she were to be another woman, she would’ve fallen after seeing these two naked boys. But she had no feelings for them because they kept demanding more from her, causing her to be scared and tired. She cannot understand how her hand will satisfy them. Finally, she couldn’t resist the urge and passed out from exhaustion. A white substance stuck all over her body.

“Ah~~” she exclaimed as she got lifted from a bathtub by a boy. Na Lan put a towel around her and said, “Babe, let’s take you to bed.” He then picked her up and left the bathroom.

Her naked body was thrown onto the bed. Two naked boys climbed up. One of them was in front and threw his arm around her waist, while the other was in the back and threw his arm around her chest.

She felt very uncomfortable sleeping in front of two naked men, and even more uncomfortable being in the middle of two naked men, especially when their arms were hugging tight onto her naked body. She felt a feeling of being trapped and suffocated at the same time, but she didn’t dare to resist. Her body was still and let their hands rub around her body. Slowly, she became too tired to care about anything and her consciousness blurred, and she was deep asleep.

Lan Jing Yi was dreaming. Silent murmurs and sounds that sounded like cries came out of her mouth. She felt like a thousand-pound rock was resting upon her body, causing her to suffocate. She opened her eyes and discovered moans coming out of her mouth and being pressed underneath by a man. Her legs surrounded the man’s waist and the man’s dick was dug deep inside her body.

”Ah~~Let go~~ Na Lan Di~ Ah~ Ahh~ Ah~” The boy fiercely bit her boob and his dick savagely jerked inside her pussy. Her body moved along the flow of his attacks. Her snow-white boobs were like trembling waves and her yells moved three octaves higher. He grunted and jerked one last time inside the woman’s cervix and a flood of white substance spurted inside her body.

The massive dick got pulled out and the top part was filled with a mixture of the white substance and the stuff from the woman’s vagina. Lan Jing Yi was about to get up, but a pair of hands held her legs still. Na Lan’s sparkling pupils stared at her wet vagina. “Teacher, how about me?” Then, his back straightened and his big dick slipped inside her lower body.

‘Ah~~” Lan Jing Yi’s lower body was filled up again. Na Lan rubbed against her boobs and fucked her aggressively. Every strike touched her cervix until his sperm entered her womb, giving her the utmost pleasure and pain.

Na Lan gradually took out his dick from her lower body and watched her vagina spurt out a substance and shrink repeatedly. A big spot under her butt was wet.

“Brother, did you see how slutty our babe is? This much came out in only two times? I want to fuck her fiercely again.”

“You have so many chances. You can do whatever you like when she’s completely nourished. You can’t do it now. Even though she’s slutty, she’s too delicate, she can’t even stand being fucked two times. She’s so dirty right now, let’s wash her.”

Lan Jing Yi got fed a black pill and then thrown into the bathtub. The two boys rubbed her body just like how they’ll roll dough in bread for some time before they fetched her out and dressed her like a doll. The clock ticked to half of seven and Lan Jing Yi caught a glimpse of the handsome teenager. They were so full of lust that they raped him at the dawn of the day. Now her lower body felt worse than soreness.

She got dressed into a black sleeveless dress embroidered with sequins near the waist and black heels that contrasted well with her pale skin and made her look taller. It was a simple yet elegant design, made from silky fabric, and made her look elegant and pretty. Na Alan curled her hair into a bun, making her look like a doll. Na Lan Di helped her put on the most recent trendy makeup design, making the blush on her more pink and apparent.

“Alright, now that our teacher is so pretty, the eyes of other guys will stick to her body. Di, are you not scared, because I’m starting to worry.

“Hmph! Whichever boy that has the courage can try.”

“I’m going to work.” Lan Jing Yi got up from the chair, but Na Lan Lu grabbed onto her.

“You haven’t finished your breakfast.”

“No need, there’s not enough time.”

“Sit down and dine with us.” Na Lan Di cut in. She looked at him and didn’t dare to show any unsatisfied feelings.

Lan Jing Yi wanted to get up many times, but she didn’t dare to after seeing the two boys dine peacefully. Her butt seemed to have been stuck to a needle. She looked at their dishes and ever so often glanced at the clock on the wall. But the more worried she got, the more peaceful the boys were. Finally, they put down their fork and Lan Jing Yi got up.

“Finish the good on your plate before you go.” Na Lan Di said after taking a look at her plate.

“But… I…” Lan Jing Yi gulped after seeing a sharp glance. She sat back down and swallowed big spoons of food.

“Slow down, we won’t steal from you.” Na Lan Di said jokingly.

“I’m done.” She finished the rest on her plate and moved the dish away. She then burped as a result of stuffing too much in her mouth at such a short period of time. Na Lan Lu handed a bottle of warm water to her and wiped the corners of her mouth.

“You can’t eat that fast, else the food won’t be digested.” Is a class that important? I didn’t want you to go because it takes too much of your time. Na Lan Lu and I both don’t like it. But I’m also afraid of you staying at home with us because we might devour you up.
Lan Jing Yi blushed.

“Don’t listen to big brother. How will I be reluctant to eat you? The most would just be having a few bites. Oh, right, teacher! Who would you like to give you a ride? Me or Di?”

Two pairs of eyes looked at her, both wanting her to pick them. Lan Jing Yi hesitated but, in the end, pointed her finger to Na Lan Lu.
Na Lan Di looked angered. Lan Jing Yi quickly looked away. Na Lan Lu gave an expression to Na Lan Di and said, “She’s probably scared that big brother will eat her up.” Na Lan Di grunted and left.

Na Lan Lu dressed casually. He mostly puts on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He puts his golden locks into a ponytail, which shows off his handsome face. Na Lan Di changed into a black school uniform and gives the vibe of an obedient teenager, which was a big contrast from what he looked like before. But the curve of his lips revealed his evil nature. Lan Jing Yi followed them out of their mansion.

The two sports cars rode past her. She went in Na Lan Lu’s blue sports car and both cars rode down the hill order

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Chapter 10