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The taxi left the city and slowly drove up the hill. Lan Jing Yi looked out the window and saw a mountain of greenery. Buildings of bungalows appeared in the middle of the land of grass as if they were pearls embroidering the grass.

If she had not found a job as a homeschool teacher, she probably would never have come here. This place used to be just small hills but has now been developed into a luxurious private estate for the rich. The car parked at the door of the bungalow. Lan Jing Yi paid the fee for the ride, got off the car, and curiously looked around.

The design of this bungalow is at the best spot, the bungalow is constructed based on the shape of the circular curved mountain. Somehow, the back of the mountain was designed into bright blue letters: Yi Lan Bungalow. Other than the backside of the Yi Lan Bungalow, the other three sides of the mountain are hidden by the woods. It is currently Autumn, the leaves are ruddy colored like tea, blazing off attractively, surrounding this white pearl “Yi Lan” inside.

Lan Jing Yi opened the rough white gate and rang the doorbell, welcomed by a middle-aged woman. Lan Jing Yi politely asked, “Excuse me, is this where Nai Lan Lu lives? I am his new homeschool teacher, Lan Jing Yi.

The middle-aged woman welcomed Lan Jing Yi through the door and guided her upstairs saying, “The Second Young Master has heard that the Master has invited a homeschool teacher and is currently waiting in his room. I am a servant here, Miss Lan can just call me Maiden Chen.

Lan Jing Yi nodded. Maiden Chen brought her up to the first room of the second floor and gestured for her to go in and quietly left.

Lan Jing Yi held her bag, containing her teaching material and forums, and knocked lightly on the door. Though it was the first time she entered such an exquisite bungalow, she felt nothing different. She has been teaching at a private school for already seven or so years and could be considered as a teacher veteran.

The private school is pretty famous, which was one of the reasons her client found her, the other was because she has been working as a part-time homeschool teacher ever since she first started working. Most families that hire homeschool teachers have ordinary financial incomes, occasionally, she meets a few families with good backgrounds. Most bungalows are similar in appearance and size, but this one is more exquisite.

She rang the bell thrice but got no response. Could Na Lan Lu be out? But Maiden Chen clearly said he is waiting for her. Lan Jing Yi thought for a second and pushed the door. The door was not locked, so it was easily opened. It was not courteous to trespass into his room, but this time was an exception. Lan Jing Yi cautiously entered his room.

Whoosh, something splashed. She has still not found out what happened but felt a chill in her body. She looked up and saw a bucket of water spilling down, wetting her body. Her bun fell off and vigorously scattered on her shoulder. The papers she was holding dropped to the floor and got devoured by water. Most importantly, the glasses on the bridge of her nose were washed away along with the water.

Her 500 degrees myopia caused everything in front of her to be blurry, making her feel the space around her extremely big. Inside the room plays ear-bleeding music. Something’s sparkling not far from her, that thing has a black brain, she guessed that it was a computer. The person sitting in front of the screen was probably her future student, Na Lan Lu.

How could this be? What happened? Lan Jing Yi winced and kneeled down, starting to look for her precious glasses. Out of her mouth came the words, “Is anyone inside the room? Can you help me? My glasses dropped.”

The sound of footsteps thumped. She saw a pair of legs before her.

“Is it this, teacher?”

So, her student was in the room. Lan Jing Yi lifted her head and her neck. Her first thought towards this student was: “Wow, he is so tall! Is he really only sixteen?” But the face in front of her was very blurry, and she couldn’t get a clear view of his appearance. She received the glasses and said, “Thank you.” She got back up after putting them back on.

She lifted her glasses and looked at the person in front of her and was wide-eyed. That boy was really tall, a head taller than her, with beautiful golden hair. He has the skin of milk and evil yet handsome appearance. At the moment, he is grinning his mouth towards her.

She was a little absentminded. His dark yet beautiful eyes were really familiar, she seemed to have known someone with the same appearance but the person she knows was prettier and did not have the dark feeling from the boy in front of her.

“Sorry, I thought Di was back and wanted to pull a prank on him, but….” Lan Jing Yi followed the direction of his eyes and saw the half tilted bucket above the doorway and understood. She thought, “Kids these days are so playful.” But what came out of her mouth was, “No problem.” Indeed, he was not trying to purposely play her.

The boy smiled and asked, “Are you the homeschool teacher my dad invited?”

“Yes, I am Lan Jing Yi, you can call me Miss Lan from now on. Can I call you Na Lan Lu? Na Lan Lu, can we start class now?”

Na Lan Lu only stared at her speechlessly. Lan Jing Yi was going to ask him if anything was the matter but heard him ask, “Teacher, are you going to start class like this?” While talking, his eyes fluttered around her. Lan Jing Yi followed the sight of his direction and looked down, and embarrassingly laughed. She almost forgot that the light gray skirt she was wearing was drenched with water and is currently dripping down her body.


Nai Lan Lu had already turned around and got an outfit for her and while pointing at a door said, “Teacher, you can change and dry your clothes over there.” Lan Jing Yi took it and saw a big white T-shirt, most likely from Na Lan Lu himself. But why did he only hand her a T-shirt? She lifted her head and confusingly asked him, “I-is there only one piece?”

Na Lan Lu fluttered his eyes and seemed to be hiding a dark smile and said, “I see that the teacher’s figure is quite petite, I think this T-shirt can be worn as a dress.”

Lan Jing Yi embarrassingly responded and reached out her hand.

“It’s alright, I can deal with it. Let’s get started.”

“But you’ll get sick like that. What will happen to my classes if you get ill?”

An innocent pair of eyes stared at Lan Jing Yi and Lan Jing Yi couldn’t stop her laughter. She is already 28 years old, how could she be afraid of the kid in front of her? He is only a sixteen-year-old child and as he said, that T-shirt could even be worn as a shirt to her.

She lightly shook her head and walked towards that door to change. Expectedly, that door led to a humongous extravagant bathroom. Inside was a mirror that reflected the massive size of the bathroom.

She took off the wet clothes but could not find anywhere to hang them dry. Lan Jing Yi intelligently hung her wet clothes on the golden bar that hung towels and changed into the large size T-shirt.

She smelled light ambergris and the special scent from the teen male from the T-shirt and unknowingly blushed. As expected, the T-shirt dropped to her knees. Honestly, she didn’t think she was much petite as she was a foot six. Wearing the shirt of her own student made her body feel empty and feel as if the T-shirt can fit two of her.

Looking at the mirror, her wet and messy hair dropped to her shoulders. She winced. She twirled her hair back and tied it with a hair clip. She looked again at the mirror and grinned, walking out with a serious face.

The computer is still playing some irregular music. Na Lan Lu’s holding the edge of the desk, covering his face in his arm, not moving an inch as if he has fallen asleep.

How could he fall asleep listening to this nerve-racking music? Lan Jing Yi winced. What kind of boy is her student? Though he was born with a silver spoon and a prettier face than a woman, his first impression wasn’t bad. She feels that he doesn’t have the arrogance of which other teens with a similar background do, in comparison, he is very friendly and his voice is very elegant.

But as a teacher, she has to communicate with her students no matter what temper they have, that is her responsibility. Considering this, she picked up the papers on the floor,

The covers of the papers are all wet, but fortunately, the inside is clean. She sighed, sat beside Na Lan Lu, and purposely coughed twice. The teen resting on the desk did not make a sound. Lan Jing Yi bit her lips and pointed her index finger, lightly rubbing the teenage boy’s shoulder.

“Hey, turn off the music, we’re starting class.”

The teen made a light sound as if whining. He then lifted his head and winced his narrow eyes, looking attractively.

“How old are you?” asked Na Lan Lu, tilting his head.

“Twenty-eight,” she said without thought.

His pupils flitted mockingly.

“Senior virgin?”

“What?” Lan Jing Yi widened her eyes, not believing what she had heard.

“Nothing,” Lan Jing Yi put on a crooked smile and lifted his hand to turn off the music, “Let’s begin.”

Lan Jing Yi flattened out the papers and didn’t bother to dispute with him. She hoped that she misheard because how could such an angelic voice have said that?

Lan Jing Yi started to seriously go over the problems with him but she doubted that Na Lan Lu was focusing on it. He sat his head on his hand. She could clearly see his exemplary face and the look of him focusing his sight on the paper, but she has a feeling that he has been spying.

Lan Jing Yi stopped talking. Na Lan Lu was still in the same position, focusing his eyes on the papers. Lan Jing Yi looked at him for two minutes straight but Na Lan Lu didn’t seem to sense it. Losing her patience, she gently rubbed his shoulder again, feeling a hard and elastic force.

“Na Lan Lu, are you listening?” she asked attemptedly.

Na Lan Lu lifted his head, ignorantly looked at her, and responded, “Yes.”

“Where are we at now?”

He pointed with his finger. Lan Jing Yi nodded, thinking she must have mistaken him.

“Let’s continue.”


“What’s wrong?”

“Let’s take a break, my head hurts.”

Why didn’t he mention it earlier? Lan Jing Yi worriedly looked at him and said, “What’s wrong? Do you want to rest?”

Lan Jing Yi stood up, his body shook and his tall body fell on to the floor. Lan Jing Yi shockingly jumped up.

“Na Lan Lu, what’s wrong?”

She shook him, but Na Lan Lu’s eyes were shut frozen. She held his body, trying to lift him to the bed, but he was too heavy. She used all her strength and finally got him up.

She tucked him in and started mumbling, not knowing what to do. What do I do? What do I do? Oh right, I could get Maiden Chen to call the doctor.

She hurriedly turned, taking her way to the door, but something held her wrist.


“You are awake? Are you alright?”

Na Lan Lu shook his head and replied, “Teacher, don’t worry, this is an old disorder. I have dysemia, so I easily faint.”

So that was why, how pitiful. He is only sixteen, and his parents aren’t by his side. Lan Jing Yi felt very empathetic.

“Rest for a bit, I’ll call Maiden Chen over to see what you need… Let’s stop for now, I’ll come back tomorrow and make up for today’s class, no worries.”

“Thank you, teacher. Goodbye.”

“Alright, see you later.”

Lan Jing Yi packed her bag, changed back to her original clothes in the bathroom, and called Maiden Chen.

The door lightly closed and the boy on the bed smirked. He tossed the blankets away, put one arm behind his head, and mumbled, “You think you are a senior virgin?”

The luxurious bungalow was filled with the sound of a female moaning. On top of the wooden floor was a lustrous naked female being held down by a male. Her face slightly distorted and blissful moans came out of her throat.

Her hand is tightly around the boy and her mouth indistinctly yells out “Di.” The male on top of her has a tall and fit body, light copper skin, black hair, a handsome face, and pupils the color of ice. He tightly grips the female’s breasts, vigorously moving, causing the female below happily screaming, yet the male has an ice-cold face that has not changed while doing vigorous “exercise.”

The male vigorously spurted and put sperm inside the female’s body. The female moaned and rolled herself into a ball on the floor, but still greedily looking at the male. The male stood up and threw the female a pill saying, “Devour it.” The female looked upsettingly for a second, but obediently picked up the pill and put it in her mouth.

The male randomly threw the towel surrounding him and walked towards the computer inside the room. He patted the dumbfounded teen and said, “Lu, what’s wrong? Not interested?”

Lu looked at the face that reflected his and said, “Di, go to your own room and stop annoying me.” Di grinned, kicked the chair before the computer, and sat on it, clicking on the mouse.

The female on the floor walked up, sat on Na Lan Lu’s leg, got her hands inside the T-shirt from below, and touched Na Lan Lu’s chest. Her mouth lightly moaned and said, “Lu, you’re so ferocious today, you two came together yesterday, do you not want me today?”

Na Lan Lu looked down, lightly curved his mouth, and came out the words, “Go away.”

The female looked dumbfounded, yet whining, “No, I want Lu to love me like yesterday.”

The male’s pupil shone sharply like a streak of moonlight, yet with a gentle voice said, “I told you to scram.” His long fingers reached out towards the unsettled hand of the woman resting on his chest and easily threw her far to the doorway, landing heavily on the door.

The woman scrambled up and looked back at Na Lan Lu who still had that same evil yet gentle face, gentle as the moonlight, but behind his appearance hid a ferocious temper. She bit her lips and moaned lightly.

The males in front are only 16 years old, yet they are tall and handsome, their young and seductive body contains a heavy sexual desire that is stronger than adult men. They only view women as tools for their sexual desires, toys in their hands. When they are in a good mood, they’ll be gentle lovers, when they aren’t, they’ll be violent monsters, making females crazy and reluctant to give up.

Even though they treat her like that, she’ll come to them even if they call for her like a dog. She needs them, loves them, loves their strong body, endless desires, and perfect appearance. She gloomily stands up, takes the torn clothes, and silently walks out the door.

“Another heartbroken, you always make women hallucinate about you and then coldly tear their hallucinations.”

“That’s their problem.”

“What’s this?”On the screen is a female with a small face, wearing a pair of glasses that cover two-thirds of her face, dark black hair, an old-styled skirt, and holding a bag of scrolls, waiting at the door.

After a while, she winced. She turned her head trying to listen through the door, reaching out with one finger to knock on the door, as if she’ll scare someone if she doesn’t.

“How come a girl dressed in lowly clothing appears on the door of our house? Ah.. it mustn’t be the homeschool teacher that dad had got for you, hm?”

Na Lan Lu looked at him for a second and did not respond.

Na Lan Di shook his head and said, “I was going to copy you and thought it would be a good idea to pretend to be ill to escape class, but it would be suspicious to have both of us sick. I didn’t acknowledge the result of dropping out of school to be like this, that old man sure got something.”

Na Lan Lu glanced at him with the ambition of a murderer, Na Lan Di shut up and continued staring at the screen. On the screen, the door slowly opened, the bucket above the door slowly tipped over and water splashed on her.

“I knew you wouldn’t be obedient…” Na Lan Di’s eyes darkened, continuing to look at the screen. The drenched woman’s black glasses dropped onto the floor along with her black hair, landing on her shoulder wetly, “Isn’t too ugly without glasses…”

Na Lan Lu reached out and Baam slammed the computer shut. “Boring, what is there to watch? Look, that senior virgin will be tossed out by us in these two days.”

“The smart Na Lan Lu is digging his own grave? No worries, I won’t expose you.” After being told, he opened his computer again, continued watching, and said “Hey, why did you give her our T-shirt?”

“I couldn’t find mine and I have mysophobia, you know?” Na Lan Lu lazily answered.

Na Lan Di winced, “Don’t you know my rules? Only the females I play can wear my clothes.”

“Then just take her.”

“You’re fine if we play with the same woman?”

Na Lan Lu shrugged, “I have nothing to care about if you are willing to take it.”

“I’ve given in.” Na Lan Di nodded and said, “ Listen, you are the only one who can break my rules, get rid of that outfit, and don’t let me find it.”


The feminine teacher took the large-sized T-shirt inside the bathroom, locked the door, made sure it was unlockable, then slowly took off her own clothes.

With the sight of a hunter hunting his prey, the tone of the cold voice deepened even more and said, “Di, look.” Na Lan Lu lifted his head and stared at the screen.

The clothes slowly slid down the legs, exposing the naked body beneath the outfit. To anyone who has seen her outdated outfit, no one would know how beautiful her naked body is.

She is really skinny, with a slim waist, thin shoulder, and long legs, but her waist and chest hold the right amount of abundance. The slenderness of her other parts perfectly contrasts the beautiful curves of her chest.

Her skin is really smooth, like a homogenous cow. Her upturned chest is like trembling cherries, her slim waist is like a fragile willow branch, making her look delicate and pitiful. With these characteristics, it makes men want to rush up and fiercely ravage her.


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