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Summary: In the near future, human science and technology will


In the near future, human science and technology will stagnate, accompanied by the decline of the global economy and civilization. The use of technology by mankind, the redemption method that was once highly anticipated, and the only way to realize human evolution using potential, has now become a costly criminal tool.

The 18-year-old Shen Daiyu is the earliest experimental sample to be transformed and become a “user”. He has the special ability to project fantasy into others’ brains. At this time, Xun was in the post of Investigation Bureau, while investigating and hunting down illegal users, while correcting the mistakes that his family had made in the first place.
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12/10 • • ~Manhwa___Honey, I’m Going On A Strike • • ~Summary: Cassia Ruberno, Countess of the Simone Empire, marries Zester Greze, a commoner war hero, at the order of emperor. After living for 10 years with no love or money, he dies of incurable disease. No, I only thought that he was dead. At…

lil cuties 🦋 title : i love you anyways, mr.kasahara author(s) : Omaru status : Completed ️ read on : Lezhin ️ dont mention illegal sites – support the author